My Corny Rights

As a newly minted Cyborg (implanted 2pm today), I hereby declare my right to:
Make bad jokes. (Man, I’m such a machine!)
Drop awful puns. (On the other hand.)
Produce relevant, but possibly obscure, pop culture references. (Dead or Alive, you’re coming with me.)

To those who might object, remember, Resistance is Futile.


“Well give the man a hand!” :mechanical_arm:
What did you get, and where did you put them?
“I’d buy that for a dollar”


Yes, do tell what and where…

In the meantime…

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I got the NeXT, in right hand, standard location next to thumb. Went down to see Ian Bell and had him do it for me, and I’m really glad I got a pro install. No way I’d have pulled that off myself.

Mostly planning to use it for lock access. My own personal stuff more than work. I’m building an electronic access tool box now. I’ll probably start a thread on it when I get it a little further along.

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Have NExT and, as of Friday past, Spark.

Welcome on board.

Welcome to the community… it’s one small step for hand… one giant leap for mankind.

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The hits just keep on a comin’…