My Custom Public Transport Conversion Experience 🚏 (Almost)

Well that is AN approach for sure :+1:

Meow was my first ever conversion. Worked great, until an onboard conductor was checking cards to ensure proper scans were done… they scan your card with a handheld to ensure you checked in… kinda hard to escape that, so he refused to allow them to scan his implant. They hit him with a ticket for not paying proper fare.

Then he got caught AGAIN and this time he let them scan his hand, but he got a ticket anyway for NOT PAYING PROPER FARE… even though the implant scanned properly. That’s why he went to court and got out of infraction… because he did alter the card which is against terms of service, but he did pay the proper fare. His implant was deactivated though because of the terms of service.

All in all, fucking lame.


Iirc it was an android tablet when I was in Sydney.

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