My cyborg Anniversary!

last year around this time of day, I got my first implant! old friend of mine, who is a piercer, installed it for me. thought I would post to say hi.


woo hoo!! how’s your first year been? did you get more since then?

I realised it’s probably been around 18 months since I got my Flex Beta installed. Probably 4 years from my first xNT (which I don’t remember but was probably mid 2016? I was working at Domino’s for the second time). I’ve come a fair way since then. A payment implant soon to install (contingent on finding someone to work with it), the xG3 (my first self implantation), and a sketchy Chinese chip I shouldn’t have put in.

The Flex is well integrated in my daily life. The others, eh. The xG3 is cool for party tricks and my son loves sticking paperclips to it. The others I had uses for but the Flex took a lot of that over.

Wow. Its been a while.

been good. moved away from the security door I installed the LF side for, but it’s fun using the NFC chip every once in a while. I have only the dual chip. I’m waiting for more features for the real estate… I’d love a payment chip. or I would definitely implant my car key if I could afford one DT could alter. :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome back!

Nice to hear that everything is going fine. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I got the notification that it’s the 1 year anniversary of being on the forum, I know it is tge one year anniversary of me placing my first order too!! Woohoo :raised_hands:! I am looking forward to next month celebrating my anniversary of getting chipped for the first time!! :grin: I’ll have a drink to that at least, hehe :wink:


Well on my Cyborg anniversary, my mom, sister, and I were out and about for a little daytrip, doing some sightsee and stuff, hehe, I love typing in this custom license plate to pay for parking, hehehehehe…