My order xM1 plus


I ordered an xM1 plus yesterday morning, I wanted to know approximately when she would leave.



We are shipping orders that contain an xM1+ by the end of this week! You should get an update with tracking info once your order ships. Thanks for your patience.


Yo, what about the xNT’s?


If the order does not contain a pre-order product, it should ship out in 1-2 business days. Otherwise the entire order is held until all products are ready to ship.


Thanks, dude!


I still have no news of my order#10010 :sob::sob::cry::cry:


It’s stuck in processing with a bunch of other orders. Our warehouse is slammed with holiday shipping, but things are moving. You should get an update with tracking info once it does ship.


Thanks all ok :wink:


hello, following my order 10010, I received the email with the form for a request of the xM1 +. I have not received a confirmation or return, when do you think it will be shipped when I receive a confirmation that everything is ok? thank you very much


Sorry but we are refunding everyone now… we are working to get a new chip vendor and make a new batch of xM1+ chips… at which time we will offer it for sale again.


At least 3 business days I think.