My phone does not recognize my NFC İmplant

Hello, i got my first NFC Implant. I found an app to write something on it and this all worked. But when I close the app and hold my hand on the back of the smartphone to scan the tag i just get the message “New tag detected. Unknown tagtype”. Can anybody help me?

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  • What implant did you get
  • What phone do you have
  • What app did you use
  • What kind of NDEF message did you write (try a website address)

When did you get the implant?

We have lots of questions.

I’ve got an xSIID from Dangerous things. My phone is a Huawei P30 Lite. The App is NXP Tag Writer. What is an NDEF message?

My NFC İmplant was implanted yesterday. Got it a month ago.

The data you wrote to it. What did you try to set it to?

It’s possible that your phone isn’t reading it correctly because of swelling. You should also be ready for your phone to potentially stop reading it entirely for a week or two. That’s normal, and is just due to swelling.


Can you post the full scan data (without ID if you care to keep that secret) from TagInfo?

As what the others said above, but just to expand a little

Your phone can write NDEF data to NFC compatible implants.
NDEF being an intialism for NFC- Data Exchange Format
NFC is a protocol in th HF band 13.56MHz allowing you to write to you compatible implant.
this is an example of what you can write with your phone to implant



Here are some tools to do that

Tag Writer
NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro

The thing is that the app can read it, but without the App i get this error message unknown tagtype. I also can’t see the lightning of the implant. Is that because of the swelling and will it get better in the next weeks?

Yep mine was completely unlit for a week or 2 and then starting clearing up quite quickly once it decided it was time to stop pouting

Which implant are you experiencing this issue with? And are you having trouble seeing a light too? (i.e. xLED or xSIID). Also which phone is this with / do you have access to an Android phone?