My VivoKey Spark 2 implant experience

Sorry. I just added age restriction to the posts just in case… :innocent:
Bad video quality too but that’s the best I could do with my lighting conditions at night in here, lol-it’s not easy to record me trying to scan my hand with my cell phone on my digital camera, either. :rofl:
I mean, I’m gonna try to wait longer, but I don’t think I’m scanning it wrong-although I very well could be wrong-I am scanning it the way I would like it to be able to scanned, too…

That’s where I was scanning it and got the reading from the field detector… on the bottom panel. Sorry the videos were such garbage. I was getting a blinking light from the field detector but no reading yet from my Spark.
Thanks for the imagery. :smiley:

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You mean “due to corporeal response to a traumatic event”. :laughing:


I actually lobbed that one in for you, and I would have been disappointed if you didn’t knock it out if the park


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@earthlyedward do you have way we could Zoom or Skype such that I could see on camera how the phone is being held etc. with the Spark 2?

I just got the Flip 3 coming from a OnePlus 7 Pro and it is TERRIBLE for reading implants! I used to be able to get easy reads with my OnePlus but I really struggle to get a read with the Flip3.

I will link to your thread for the phone wiki.

I’m not sure which exact model Steven1727 used, but I assume it is older from the date, It sounds like the NFC performance has taken a backward step ( I had an S9 and it worked well )

It’s been one full week since I installed my Spark with no read.

I tried my KBR1 and my cell phone. I’m kind of disappointed and I’m scared it will never work. I am going to try a different cell phone right now.

Thanks :pleading_face:

There’s your mistake. It should say two full weeks. Just give it a week and you’ll see, it will work. Most likely…


It’s been 13 days… no reading yet.
I’m wondering if it could be a dead chip, or I injected it too deep, or something. :roll_eyes:
Sorry Amal btw I only have a cell and a desktop PC with no webcam so I cant really show you scanning on my phone, the field detector did work on it; and I haven’t been able to get a reading from the KBR1 yet either… do you recommend I should get it removed?

At this point I am concerned. Can you feel the Spark 2 under your skin if you poke at it with your finger?

knowing the orientation of your implant is important, to get a good read you want perpendicular placement to the antenna

Also a small neodymium magnet is another thing to try., just to ensure the Spatk was actually installed and didn’t come out with the needle (or didn’t stay in the needle)

I can feel an extra tender area, deep in where I injected it, I can’t really feel the microchip itself, though.
Although, I did feel it kind of pop out of the needle when I injected it, too.

I don’t know, I’m stumped. I might have put it too deep. I can’t really tell. I felt it come out of the needle, I think it’s in there… maybe I should get an X-ray and possibly get it removed?
I’m kind of sad, this is a really cool idea Amal had & I wish it worked for me. I’ll wait one more day, then take a trip to the ER just in case… :sleepy:

Will keep you all updated, any way. :innocent:

Have you got a really bright light you can shine through your hand. Should be able to see it.

Try a neodymium magnet first.

Do you have a video of the install.

To me it sounds like it maybe inserted deep.
Since after 2 weeks you still have tenderness.
it may be in a muscle.

Did it hurt more than a Bee sting when you installed it?
Who did the install? yourself, friend or professional?

Try this :arrow_down:

Before you decide to remove it

Maybe get an XRay first

LOL, I did it myself, it’s probably in a muscle.
It didn’t hurt, until I got to the muscle… maybe went a little too far, even into the muscle… who knows…
You’re right I think I hit my head too many times :crazy_face:

Did you video it?

Did you tent the skin first?

What sort of angle did you insert it? ie was the syringe :syringe: parallel with your hand or was there a downward angle?

Did you use any numbing?

Did it feel more painful than a bees sting or giving blood to you?

yeah messing with muscle does hurt… and if it’s still tender when you poke it… it’s very likely far too deep… i would suggest removal. if you can retain it after removal (some docs refuse and throw it away), you can take it to a professional piercer and have them autoclave it, then use a piercing needle to install it properly :slight_smile:

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I thought autoclave was bad for chips?