My VivoKey Spark 2 implant experience

That’s where I was scanning it and got the reading from the field detector… on the bottom panel. Sorry the videos were such garbage. I was getting a blinking light from the field detector but no reading yet from my Spark.
Thanks for the imagery. :smiley:

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You mean “due to corporeal response to a traumatic event”. :laughing:


I actually lobbed that one in for you, and I would have been disappointed if you didn’t knock it out if the park


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@earthlyedward do you have way we could Zoom or Skype such that I could see on camera how the phone is being held etc. with the Spark 2?

I just got the Flip 3 coming from a OnePlus 7 Pro and it is TERRIBLE for reading implants! I used to be able to get easy reads with my OnePlus but I really struggle to get a read with the Flip3.

I will link to your thread for the phone wiki.

I’m not sure which exact model Steven1727 used, but I assume it is older from the date, It sounds like the NFC performance has taken a backward step ( I had an S9 and it worked well )

It’s been one full week since I installed my Spark with no read.

I tried my KBR1 and my cell phone. I’m kind of disappointed and I’m scared it will never work. I am going to try a different cell phone right now.

Thanks :pleading_face:

There’s your mistake. It should say two full weeks. Just give it a week and you’ll see, it will work. Most likely…


It’s been 13 days… no reading yet.
I’m wondering if it could be a dead chip, or I injected it too deep, or something. :roll_eyes:
Sorry Amal btw I only have a cell and a desktop PC with no webcam so I cant really show you scanning on my phone, the field detector did work on it; and I haven’t been able to get a reading from the KBR1 yet either… do you recommend I should get it removed?

At this point I am concerned. Can you feel the Spark 2 under your skin if you poke at it with your finger?

knowing the orientation of your implant is important, to get a good read you want perpendicular placement to the antenna

Also a small neodymium magnet is another thing to try., just to ensure the Spatk was actually installed and didn’t come out with the needle (or didn’t stay in the needle)

I can feel an extra tender area, deep in where I injected it, I can’t really feel the microchip itself, though.
Although, I did feel it kind of pop out of the needle when I injected it, too.

I don’t know, I’m stumped. I might have put it too deep. I can’t really tell. I felt it come out of the needle, I think it’s in there… maybe I should get an X-ray and possibly get it removed?
I’m kind of sad, this is a really cool idea Amal had & I wish it worked for me. I’ll wait one more day, then take a trip to the ER just in case… :sleepy:

Will keep you all updated, any way. :innocent:

Have you got a really bright light you can shine through your hand. Should be able to see it.

Try a neodymium magnet first.

Do you have a video of the install.

To me it sounds like it maybe inserted deep.
Since after 2 weeks you still have tenderness.
it may be in a muscle.

Did it hurt more than a Bee sting when you installed it?
Who did the install? yourself, friend or professional?

Try this :arrow_down:

Before you decide to remove it

Maybe get an XRay first

LOL, I did it myself, it’s probably in a muscle.
It didn’t hurt, until I got to the muscle… maybe went a little too far, even into the muscle… who knows…
You’re right I think I hit my head too many times :crazy_face:

Did you video it?

Did you tent the skin first?

What sort of angle did you insert it? ie was the syringe :syringe: parallel with your hand or was there a downward angle?

Did you use any numbing?

Did it feel more painful than a bees sting or giving blood to you?

yeah messing with muscle does hurt… and if it’s still tender when you poke it… it’s very likely far too deep… i would suggest removal. if you can retain it after removal (some docs refuse and throw it away), you can take it to a professional piercer and have them autoclave it, then use a piercing needle to install it properly :slight_smile:

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I thought autoclave was bad for chips?

its not necessarily bad for x-series chips… you can see I cooked one in the oven with chicken (and then ate the chicken) here; We cooked an xIC implantable RFID tag... - YouTube

it’s best to do so in a proper pouch so you can then test it afterward to confirm it still works, without contaminating it. at the very least cover it with sterile gauze and then carefully tap the phone or your test device overtop the gauze

however, you cannot autoclave flex devices

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