My VivoKey Spark 2 implant experience

Hi! My name is Edward. I just installed my VivoKey Spark 2 by myself.
The needle was very sharp. Only a drop of blood came out during the event. It was literally not as painful as I was expecting it to be, after getting a labret piercing many years ago, I know how painful a piercing can be. But, I used the numbing gel before the injection, and it didn’t hurt at all. It has been 24 hours since I installed it. No swelling, and to tell you the truth the soreness just passed and I can’t feel any pain or soreness in my hand now. I’m glad I think I got it in just the right spot. I am not a professional and I am not recommending to anyone that they do this by themselves, obviously-but I do have some skills, so I took it upon me to embark on the journey to become a cyborg. What is interesting though is that I have not been able to get a reading from either the KBR1 wedge reader, or my NFC-capable smart phone, yet. Support tells me that it could take 3-7 days for the swelling and stuff to go down before I can start getting readings from it. I really hope it works soon! I have a good feeling about it, so I can’t wait to get a good reading and see what the app(s) can really do. I hope it’s okay I started my own thread. I will keep you all updated on my experience. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and I can’t wait to read more especially from other VivoKey Spark 2 users. Thanks.


Haha, not to us buddy.

Very Very common, we generally tell people to wait 2 weeks.
Even when it doesn’t look swolen, it’s what lies beneath.

Don’t forget to check out the VK forum, it is not as active but there is some relevant information in there.

You will however, need to be able to read your Spark before you can register and login


Awesome. Thanks for the info.

Hello again. Day 3, with no reading yet.
Has anyone accessed the VivoKey app? Is there anyone out there with a Spark 2 with any tips for this type of tag? :roll_eyes:
Thanks! Edward.

Is it possible to get a video of how you’re approaching the spark 2 with your phone? Try getting a read with TagInfo, and also maybe show on video how your xFD field detector keychain is working with your phone.

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Sure thing. Tried the app, no luck there either.

My [amateur] videos on YouTube

There are so many confusing things happening here… The first thing is, why does YouTube consider both of these videos to be unsuitable for underage people? It just seems ridiculous and it made me have to do all this extra hoop jumping just to view the videos on my browser… But whatever…

The first video shows the xFD field detector keychain being used, but the way it’s positioned with the phone is perpendicular to the phone… basically 90° vertically from how you present the implant to the phone which is flat along its length. This is the way the field detectors intended to be used, just as if it were acting as an implant… So flaten the keychain out against the back of the phone and see if you can find the best position that way.

It might be a good idea to review the videos on the field detector product page here - to see exactly how they’re supposed to be used.

The second video shows an attempt to scan the chip implant, but the screen is so bright and the room is so dark that I can’t actually see how your hand is being presented to the phone… just the screen doing nothing.

The important thing I’m trying to understand here is if the chip implant is being presented to the back of the phone in the same way that the keychain would indicate the best position and orientation or otherwise known as rotation would be.

The goal is to be able to understand exactly where on the phone you should be presenting your chip implant to… as well as what orientation or rotational aspect it needs to have to get the best possibility of a read.

Your best bet here is to watch the field detection videos on the product page linked above to understand what exactly is happening when you present the field detector to your phone… and what it is you’re trying to learn from what it is telling you. To make it easier, I’ll toss the video below…

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this is where your NFC antenna is, so using the information Amal has provided you with above, on your phone this is how you want to present it

The xFD should be easy to light up, but since it’s only been 3 days, you might still struggle to get a Spark Read due to infflamation


Sorry. I just added age restriction to the posts just in case… :innocent:
Bad video quality too but that’s the best I could do with my lighting conditions at night in here, lol-it’s not easy to record me trying to scan my hand with my cell phone on my digital camera, either. :rofl:
I mean, I’m gonna try to wait longer, but I don’t think I’m scanning it wrong-although I very well could be wrong-I am scanning it the way I would like it to be able to scanned, too…

That’s where I was scanning it and got the reading from the field detector… on the bottom panel. Sorry the videos were such garbage. I was getting a blinking light from the field detector but no reading yet from my Spark.
Thanks for the imagery. :smiley:

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You mean “due to corporeal response to a traumatic event”. :laughing:


I actually lobbed that one in for you, and I would have been disappointed if you didn’t knock it out if the park


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@earthlyedward do you have way we could Zoom or Skype such that I could see on camera how the phone is being held etc. with the Spark 2?

I just got the Flip 3 coming from a OnePlus 7 Pro and it is TERRIBLE for reading implants! I used to be able to get easy reads with my OnePlus but I really struggle to get a read with the Flip3.

I will link to your thread for the phone wiki.

I’m not sure which exact model Steven1727 used, but I assume it is older from the date, It sounds like the NFC performance has taken a backward step ( I had an S9 and it worked well )

It’s been one full week since I installed my Spark with no read.

I tried my KBR1 and my cell phone. I’m kind of disappointed and I’m scared it will never work. I am going to try a different cell phone right now.

Thanks :pleading_face:

There’s your mistake. It should say two full weeks. Just give it a week and you’ll see, it will work. Most likely…


It’s been 13 days… no reading yet.
I’m wondering if it could be a dead chip, or I injected it too deep, or something. :roll_eyes:
Sorry Amal btw I only have a cell and a desktop PC with no webcam so I cant really show you scanning on my phone, the field detector did work on it; and I haven’t been able to get a reading from the KBR1 yet either… do you recommend I should get it removed?

At this point I am concerned. Can you feel the Spark 2 under your skin if you poke at it with your finger?

knowing the orientation of your implant is important, to get a good read you want perpendicular placement to the antenna

Also a small neodymium magnet is another thing to try., just to ensure the Spatk was actually installed and didn’t come out with the needle (or didn’t stay in the needle)