My wife died. I am interested in your bioglass encapsulation to encapsulate her ring for implantation. Possible?


My wife died and I am deathly afraid of losing her ring, which is basically the only thing I have left of her. The ring is poor quality gold (I bought it for her when I was working for very little money), and I am interested in your bioglass encapsulation to encapsulate her ring for implantation by a surgeon. Is this possible? Can you point me in the right direction?

I’m sorry to hear. I’ve received requests to encapsulate ashes and even diamonds compressed from ashes in the past.

It would not be possible to encapsulate your ring with glass, however I have another option that might work. Can you post photos of the ring?

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Amal is 100% the best person to reply to you.

Does the ring need to remain in the same form factor ( as a ring )?
It would be pretty straight forward for Amal and will look great, but If it were me in your situation, I would also be considering some other options.

If you were to employ a goldsmith to melt it down and mold it into another shape.
If it used half of the gold, you could use the other half in another memorial piece.

It could be flattened into a shape, like:-

A rectangle

A disc

maybe a heart to wear on your finger

or something significant and relevant to her

Like a butterfly :butterfly: or lucky clover :four_leaf_clover: etc.

You will have to engage with a goldsmith and Amal to see what is possible or not.

There is absolutley nothing wrong with the ring as it is, I am only suggesting these, because I would hate for you to have the same idea in a few years and think "I wish I had done … instead.

good luck with your implant