myKring and what's in it

Hi All,

New to the forum but not new to implants. My 1st rfid implant was 15 years ago and still going strong with no issues, 2nd was 2-3 years ago and… also awesome, (Thanks Dangerous NFC for that one!).

Intro done - to my question… I’ve done a few searches on the forum and didn’t get a single hit but has anyone here seen the products from this site? (fully expect a hit about spamming or not enough posts but here goes… ), ? I have one of these and they’re really great. Only available in the UK when I purchased but I like implants and wish to pay my bar bills like a Jedi!

Any thoughts on the tech in use? On searching around I wonder if vivokey has any input here…

edit I should point out here that these rings are not linked to any app you need to have on a smart device but are linked directly to a MasterCard credit card. Very swish!

I look forward to any comments. Even the ones about being a newbie and the mistakes I just made above :wink:

Thanks all…

hah no mistakes… we are aware of various ring solutions. the problem is not the tech… the vivokey flex one can talk to payment terminals no problem. the issue is approvals from mastercard & visa. check for more info.

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Hi Amal. Yeah, I think I get that it’s basically deals done and agreements as opposed to impossibly difficult. I just wondered if it might be worth approaching this company en masse at it were to highlight there is interest. I mean, I shot them an email as a single customer and they apparently don’t have plans at present to offer implantables but they didn’t rule it out either. As I said, they are only available in the UK at present but that agreement with MasterCard is a step forward so it could be worth offering a market or partnership? I can see how your interest might be mainly in the US but maybe a ball rolling over here could make the right noises?

Have approaches been made do you know? Do you have much interest over here in UK? (Not met anyone yet with an implant and someone told me today, coincidentally, that the news quoted only 150 people as implanted but insuspect that may be higher)

Great work you’re doing btw…

Not a good idea for us… the problem is, again, not the tech… the banks… the companies involved… it’s MasterCard and Visa… they are saying no to implants right now… regardless of who brings it to them. If this company wanted to offer implants, they would have to get the same approval from MC/Visa we would. However, since Murphy’s Law is always at play… the 3+ years we’ve been trying to work our magic on MasterCard and Visa will probably be rewarded by them giving the first green light for an implant to some other yahoo company who has never made implants before.

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Fair enough. Do you think it’s worth putting a link to here in my reply to them? Would be better for them to have you in mind than find that Yahoo company… ?

Sorry if I sound crusty here… unfortunately I’ve seen this play out several times with our products. I can almost guarantee they will not want to partner with us, and instead they will take a shot at trying to do implants themselves. I consider any other company doing anything with payments to be purely competition. Every single conversation I’ve had with other companies asking about implants has resulted in me giving up valuable time and information that just helps them try to do things on their own… so I’m really not excited about the idea of talking to them or even pressing upon them the idea that implants are a good idea.

From your perspective as a customer, I’m sure that any company exploring a payment implant is great, so I really don’t blame anyone for pushing the idea on any company. All I’m saying is, on my side of the fence, it’s all knives to throats and any good will I’ve attempted to put out there in partnership has, for the most part, turned out to be to my own determinant. There is one arrangement that has worked out well and that is between VivoKey and Fidesmo… but nobody else. In fact, I think I’ve helped launch at least 3 competitor companies that are doing nothing more interesting than knocking off our xNT and stealing sales… but live and learn I guess.

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Okay. Again, fair enough and not crusty at all. Ha.

From that customer point of view it’s obviously important to be able to get genuine use out of any product and I guess a UK’centric one will best fit my purposes but… there aren’t any as yet. Having said that, I tend to be a pretty loyal customer when it comes to return business so if there were 2 products released that fit my needs and one of them was yours then there’d be no competition. I, and I’m guessing your other customers, really like what you’re doing so support is there.

I do try to keep up to date with what’s going on but I’m not always up to speed. I look forward to a day I can place another order here and wow vendors with a simple wave of my hand for purchases!

Keep up the good work and if there were ever guinea pigs required for trials in the UK, (or globally for that matter as I travel a lot), then feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks Amal.

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Anyone sent you one to look at @amal, perhaps there’s the possibility of ‘converting’ one?

I’ve not had any requests yet :slight_smile:

Well, that’s an obvious avenue jhlesiw… if Amal asked me then I’d be happy to purchase another and send it for research and prep. I think this would be better to be less public so I don’t know how private messaging works here but over to you Amal… ?

I bear in mind previous posts so I wouldn’t want to wing it, if you know what I mean. This is the future so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.