Need basic how to install proxmark3 esy on mac ventura 13.5.2

Hello, I am new to this and am trying to break into biohacking, I have purchased a implant and proxmark but I cannot event get the proxmark to install on my Mac, Is there any easy step by step instructions cause what I am following out here keeps getting me to errors or dead ends, everytime I think I am on the right track I get roadblocked, Undoubtedly because of my ignorance and newness to using this stuff.

Please if someone could steer me in the right direction it would be awesome…

I cant directly help, but can give you a couple of links to try

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I’d start with the official proxmark3 docs, it seems like someone has recently given these docs some love.

Start here:

and feel free to ask questions ask they come up.
Here’s a great set of videos that can help for the install (start with 8, 10, 11)

Ask any questions you run into! (The more specific, the better chance you’ll get the help you need.)