Need to get a reading from my vivokey implant, any tricks?

Hey there, Can you help me get my VivoKey Spark 2 to read with my OnePlus Nord N20?

I have never been able to get a reading from my microchip implant, I’ve had it for 9 months.

Thanks. edward.


A couple of things to check that you have done

Do you have the VK app installed?

NFC turned on
Screen Turned on
Phone cover removed
Apparently the NFC antenna is by the camera, It looks to be quite small

Use DT Diagnostic Card :card_diagnostic_dt: to check NFC duty cycle

If your phone is like mine, you will get a number of weaker pulses, followed by a strong pulse ( shown by the brightness of LED illumination )
Try another HF access card to make sure it’s working.

Grab you xFD ( Keyring Field Detector ) and find the sweet spot on your phone antenna. This will be the “sweet spot” you will want to replicate with your Spark.

remember, you are trying to get a read by placing your Spark perpendicular to the antenna.


Remember, move you hand / phone slowly, you are trying to catch the duty cycle when it is pulsing, and the high power one is your best bet

Give all that stuff a try ( If you havent already ) and let us all know how it goes.

Good luck

I have the app installed. I also tried other NFC tag apps.
I was not aware of where the NFC was on my phone, so that might be helpful when trying once more.
Thanks for the tip.

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Is there anything that should be installed, or turned on or turned off, on my phone when trying to scan? I obviously have NFC enabled.

Nope, thats it

Yeah it absolutely should.

I did a very quick google search, so that location could be wrong, using your HF xFD
:xfd: sould give you a very good visual indicator as to the location and best placement/orientation of your Spark onto the reader
( The location/orientation that you get brightest illumination of your xFD, is what you want to mimic when trying to read the Spark )