Need to provide HID tag ID before ordering xEM



You offered previously to clone my HID badge to an xEM while it was still in the syringe before shipping it to me. That way it’s cloned before it’s even implanted. You offered this after I had said I wasn’t comfortable using the Proxmark’s antenna to try to clone the xEM after it’s already in my hand, for fear of bricking it. And since the new, LF antenna for the Proxmark that’s made for the X-series implants hasn’t been released yet, you offered to clone it before shipping it to me.

Well I just received my Proxmark the other day and I now need to provide you the ID of the HID badge so you can clone it. I haven’t ordered the xEM yet since I was waiting on additional instructions from you on how exactly we’ll proceed from here.

Order xEM RFID Bundle Kit

Hi there!

I’ll private message you to make the arrangements to send us the HID badge to be cloned.

My best,