Negatives to having implant

What are the most common negatives you guys have come across with the implants?

I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be many problems at all, and I was just wondering if this was actually the case.

The only cons I can see are the initial installation and the short range of the implants. Neither of these are really a problem to me, I just want to be certain I want to get them implanted, and have no real doubts about it.

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For me the healing was pretty fast, no more annoying than getting a small cut - you put a band aid on it, you keep it clean, don’t lift anything heavy.

It’s short range, but I only want to open the door I’m standing in front of. And hey, if the range isn’t quite enough to be as useful as you hope, it’s not any less range than your hand currently has.

My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, I’m looking at getting maybe another 2 - no annoyances in day to day life and very convenient for me.


The real problem for me is having to implant more of them as I encounter readers that talks yet another f*ing standard. That’s the great thing with standards: there are so many to choose from…

I can’t hope to have all readers converge towards talking over only a couple frequencies one or two protocols per frequency: it would impede innovation, and there are way too many legacy systems out there. But I do find it a little disappointing that nobody has come up with a “universal” chip, that can talk several or all protocols without having to be reprogrammed each time.

I know it’s unrealistic to wish for a “babelchip” because there just isn’t a market for it to justify the R&D expense. That doesn’t mean I can’t find it a real drag though…

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That’s where a microcontroller could come in handy… :thinking:

haha good point


Need to hurry up and figure out the whole long range hand thing

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Relevant XKCD : :sunglasses:

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