Neon-like shiny implant idea

Amal, here’s an idea for you:

I’m looking at side-emitting glass (not PMMA) fiberoptics for a laser product we’re developing at work, and I found this product from Schott: the IllumaLine sidelight optical fiber.

Here’s my idea:

  • Ask Schott if the side-emitting glass fiber can be ordered naked, without the plastic sheath, and whether the glass is bio-compatible.

  • Weld one end of the fiber to the LED end of an xLED casing, and cut the fiber 2 or 3 inches further down, to create a sperm-shaped glass implant with a “tail”.

  • To implant the thing, puncture the skin with a very long needle, push the xLED in with a regular hollow needle through which the “tail” goes through, but without pushing on the fiber, retract the needle and unthread it from the tail, then work the xLED all the way to the end of the long pocket by gently massaging the skin above until the entire length of the fiber disappears under the skin.

The intended effect of course being a line of light when the xLED is activated, as opposed to a single point of light that’s inconveniently located under the reader’s coil.

The tail could even remain very long, and cut to size by the implantee, according to how far they dare puncture the skin.

The light density along the line might not be enough to show under the skin though. So perhaps a high-power LED version of the xLED (with a zener clamp for good measure) that could be powered by one of those RFID killer devices would compensate.

What do you think? Doable?

Maybe doable…

You could do shapes with it instead of straight if it is flexible enough. Thinking of the flexNExT, instead of three leds you could have one and the fiber run in a spiral around the implant. Or the led at the center and several fibers radiating out like a star.

The issue if it’s not straight is, how do you implant it? A simple curved pocket might be doable with a curved needle of some kind. But anything more complex will involve beaucoup blood.

Don’t you think the FlextNext is crowded enough as it is? :slight_smile: On the other hand, on a fully coated implant, I suppose it could be done simply with el-cheapo small gauge commercial signage acrylic fiber such as this one.

I’m thinking on a substrate. Have a polymer substrate like a flex implant with the design on top. A swirl, circle, star all seem possible.

oohh hmm… i can’t use 2mm… even that’s too big… but i may be able to mess around with it…

I didn’t realize you were that constrained thickness-wise. Then it’s glass fibers only. Those are hair-thin.

for what i’m thinking yeah… there are other ideas in the works as well but i’m interested in this material so i’m going to get a few short samples and play around.

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