Never received my implant?

Hi. order 10483 here. I ordered a a flexdf about a month ago on the 22nd while it was backordered and I never got an email after the confirmation email asking me if I wanted to back out. I said that I didn’t want to and then didn’t hear anything back. I saw it was no longer backordered but I never got a notification about weather or not it actually shipped or at all for that matter haha. I was just wondering if that’s supposed to be the case or if I was supposed to receive an email. Thanks guys!

  • Chase

Edit: oops lol sorry it is still backordered haha. Anyways in what timeframe should I expect to see it in my mail. One month? 2 months? If you don’t have a timeframe as to when that’s ok too haha. Thanks.

The last update I saw from Amal was June 1st.

“still trying to fish my damn lab components from various storage units etc… shouldn’t be long now though”

yep we have flexDF in production now… they are basically done but waiting on a new microscope to do final Q/A on them…