New and looking for guidance on NFC

Hello! I recently had my NExT chip installed and have been having a lot of fun messing around with the different things it can do (I even cloned my work badge, which can be either super cool or super scary since I work in a jail…)

One of the big things I’ve been kinda looking into is unlocking/locking my car using the NFC side of my chip, but most of the documentation I’ve seen here mainly focuses on RFID. I don’t have a problem with RFID, but I’m already using the RFID side of my chip for another project. Is there a reason why NFC isn’t being used for this use-case, or am I just blind and looking in all the wrong places.

Any tips on places to get started would be welcomed and appreciated.

Way more scary than cool.

Projects and Wiki category and everything in:

#1 NFC is a subset of RFID, so we distinguish by LF low frequency and HF high frequency (NFC).

You’ll have more fun if you use the LF side and the xAC.


Yeah it was kinda jarring that they don’t use encryption or any other security measures on their ID Cards (besides ignorance of the technology). Thankfully there is more than just an ID swipe needed for these things.

Thanks for the clarification, I’m still getting used to all the terminology related to RFID so this has cleared up a lot of confusion.

Yeah it looks like that might be the route to go. I’m hoping to find a way to possibly create a key-fob style system that once it reads my implant, it will toggle lock or unlock for my car. I also gotta think about placement in the car and such.

Thanks for the help!

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What type of car lock system do you have?

Do you have central locking?

Do you have a proximity unlock?

Does your Key Fob have a toggle lock/unlock button? or a button for each?

Does your key have a microchip transponder?

What voltage is the battery in your fob?

Are you familiar with Arduino? are you willing to learn?

Depending on your specific car’s lock system, a simple Unlock is generally pretty easy
Unlock/ Lock is just slightly more difficult

There maybe a solution for you in our project category #projects
But there are plenty of people here that could probably help you through your project.

I have a 2012 Chevy Impala. I obviously need to do a little more research, the manual is not helping me in the slightest. It looks like a basic remote keyless entry system. The keyfob has very basic controls: lock, unlock, remote start, trunk, and alarm.

Definitely not high tech things like proximity unlock or push-to-start functionality. The battery is a standard CR2032 3V battery.

I’m more than willing to learn about Arduinos, I’ve dabbled a bit into Raspberry Pis and Linux based systems, so I could probably translate that knowledge into Arduinos and stuff.

Yeah that’s what seems to be the general consensus I’ve seen around the forum.

Yeah once I can sit down and really dig into the weeds of this project I’ll probably dig around in the #projects category.

Even more basic is better, basically you could connect up your access controller to the key fob to toggle the lock / unlock. So a toggle button on the fob is a good option if it is a possibility.
You just need a spare fob and drop your 12V to the Fobs 3V

here is a great example

If you want to go direct to the central locking

If your manual doesnt have a wiring diagram, you might need top search for one online or pull the door card off to access the central locking module.

I would start by confirming blue/ green lock /unlock ( generally the wiring is the same , but not always ) you might see a pink wire or similar, that will do something like just unlock the drivers door.
Once you know what you are dealing with you can start building the solution, and what is going to be the best tool to achieve it, and xAC or Arduino etc

Once you have your car unlocked, do you plan on using a key to start? or installing a Push to start?

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