New color for led implant

Oh and @amal shared a link to some sort o power source I can’t seem to find the link now

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Thx guys



That’s the one! Thanks

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But coudnt we do an implant that got rgb and then that we can custuomize the color

In a file or something

I might be wrong, but as I understand voltages vary with color… which makes tuning more difficult

Also the more skus the more complicated it gets for Amal

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Not to mention having to develop an app of some sort to control the color

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Yhea i understand its just that i really wanted an infinity guntlet

Whit all the 6 stones

It’s only a matter of time.

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I cant wait!!!

For what it’s worth,
I realized I actually have 6 of my implants in the right locations of the infinity gauntlet

I think I need to make / buy some appropriately colored stones, and add the appropriate magnet to make them stick to my existing implants


In my experience,

An XSIID of each colour and a white xLED works very well for a gauntlet style. I chose to install mine as RGB W as I’m a fan of retro gaming with SCART cables.


Yeah, they look cool as fuck.
:blinky_amber: :blinky_green: :blinky_blue: :blinky_red: :blinky_white:

I didn’t pull the Trigger on the xSIID, but I really should have…


Problem is the amber wasn’t very bright so it wasn’t popular and got cleared out… no more kind stone


My solution ~ get a white xSIID installed near fatty tissues so it appears amber in colour.

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I don’t think it’s entirely implausible to have used the stones to alter the appearance of one from amber to white

Yeah…I think that checks out


Wow :exploding_head:

Nice :upside_down_face: