New experience questions (early 2023)

Hello cupcakes!

I’m not new to the world of Biohacking but I am to being a grinder. I plan to purchase the whole gambit offered by dangerous things (and any other providers) and have them implanted as a research and communication project. I’m excited to be able to have myself as intractable during lectures and workshops. That all being said, finding some answers have proven difficult.

I plan to have most of them professionally installed but I do want to self install at least one, is there one implant that would be better experience with the least complications?

Are there any good orientation/position guides?

LEDs are wonderful fun, obviously a major priority concern for real world use. Like racing stipes giving more HP; xSIID and xLED are the only LED options available from any company? Is there any news on updated flexNExT?

If I got a NExT, SPARK 2, xSIID, and both xG3’s would I be missing out on any other currently available capabilities or technology?

I really appreciate your time and effort reading and hopefully responding!

Love with all your heart all the time!!


Any x-series, except from the xG3 which is thicker.

No other options afaik. The flexnext is unlikely to come back anytime soon but there are some interesting things coming in the vivokey/Apex series. Not sure how much is public so I won’t elaborate to much.

Based on my previous statement I would personally skip the spark 2, there are better things coming with the same functionality and much more.

Also Titan !! Or any sensing magnets!

Ahem… self promo time:



There’s the flexnt2 and the next2 coming out soon™


Thank you so much for the indepth reply. Is there a timeline for apex and these newer items? Weeks, Months, or Years? If Year(s) then I’d purchase now but I can wait a few months!

Titan seemed a bit big (THICC boi) for comfort and invisibility.

Sorry not sure how to multiquote different users in one post on mobile!

But yea same, like timeline weeks, months, years(s)?

Don’t care how, I want it now! xD

This might help

Unless you have very skinny fingers or the install goes wrong I don’t think it should be visible. It is slightly bigger than the older versions that’s true.

Months probably :thinking: Soon TM

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I can wait months! Thanks!!! :black_heart:


I’d agree to skip the spark 2, but replace it with a Xm1

The Xm1 range isn’t quite as good as it’s flex counter part, but it gives you the ability to run mifare classic credentials which the others cannot

You could always do a flex also, so then you have the different form factors covered

Let me just say, THANK YOU lol, this is how you do it

We’ve had many “researchers” swing by with little to no investment in the community or interest in getting an implant, they just want to “study” us for some random grade I assume… leaves a bad taste in my mouth historically lol

You are taking the far better approach and will get lots of help this way

It happens… at first it’s like drinking from a firehose, then later your asking questions that haven’t even been asked yet


I’m full diving; from body mod and scarification to transhuman biohack grinder. It’s one thing to claim knowledge and another to convey experience. Hence also wanting to self administer at least one implant.

FAQ, tags, etc would help. I did quite a lot of lurking before I joined.

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Like stated above, skip the Spark for now. It would not be useful as the newer stuff coming out soon™ will do the same and more.
A flex series could be cool to see the differences in range. Also a magic Mifare might be fun to clone certain things if it’s useful in your studies.
Any x series besides the xG3s would be a safe bet if you do want to self install.
If you haven’t already, take a gander down this thread to see some install vids. I had some of mine installed by a professional with needle lube, and I installed a couple myself without lube. I didn’t feel a difference, but I had some liquid encouragement, and tented the skin a bit differently than the installer did, so it might help, might not, but something to look into. Also, bevel facing down helps a lot to break through the skin completely.


Here’s a good treasure trove that doesn’t get as much spotlight as it deserves


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Thank you @Pilgrimsmaster!


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