New install 🎉 and NDEF records on flexDF2

Not sure if this is useful to anyone but I just got my flexDF2 installed and I was wondering about writing some NDEF records to it.

Turns out iOS apps (such as NFC Tools) don’t seem to be able to create the necessary application to allow NDEF records to be written, however their Android equivalents do.

After writing NDEF records with Android first iOS seems to have no trouble.


Thanks for the feedback.

What sort of read range to you get out of that guy?

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It’s difficult to say at the moment because there’s still a bit of swelling but even now it’s certainly better than my NExT. I’ve been able to get a successful read on a few building access control readers too.

Will update once things are a bit more settled.

Yeah, I figured the question was a bit pointless after posting it, since you’re still swollen. Still, if you already have better results than a glassie even with the swelling, that’s promising.