New Lido Cream in Australia

Are you talking the gel from amal? coz yea its the same as brisban compoundings gel but chances are you will have better luck getting it from australia than going through customs. (My Flex was rummaged through before it got to me in melbourne)

Yep, I am. I know its the same, but I’ve ordered a Titan, which comes with some… might have to tell amal to not include it if customs are going to be an issue.

Just checked real quick

No lidocaine on the register. Safe to import.

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It is a schedule 2 / 4 drug though… (10% is the border of 2/4, but idk whether the whole 6% lido 4% other matters)

6/4 does matter, and it’s a schedule 2 - pharmacist medicine.

You can import any drug not on that or the schedule 4 list.

As long as it’s not schedule 4, and it’s not, import is fine as long as it’s not on that list.

sweet as