New Merchandise Ideas

Hello everyone!

KSEC is looking at starting up a new cyborg/implant/hacker style merch range. It is very early stages however we need your input to make this happen. If anyone can let me know the following here or via email that would be of a great help!

  1. Design ideas (please send them to

  2. Acceptable price ranges for (t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, bags, jacket)

  3. Would you like to customise your own merch ? E.G moving logos/designs

  4. Any general feedback or ideas

There are three core parts to this:

  1. Sustainability / Eco friendly

  2. Customisation

  3. Wide range of designs and merch

We’ve been reviewing a partnership with a printing company to allow for flexibility of items while also being eco friendly as possible. The more feedback and ideas have the better we can build this, so please let us know!

Many thanks from the KSEC team.

  1. Depends on quality and item… I’m also more likely to pay more the more I like the design.

  2. Just moving the logo/design… Not so much. If I could add personalisation (and it made sense) then more likely.

  3. T shirts are something I wear a lot of, but also something I get a lot of in vendorware. Baseball caps are something I never wear. I don’t know how true any of this is of others though. One of my favourite designs (that I paid for) was the Wondermark steam powered heart if that gives you some ideas towards an aesthetic. (As opposed to anaesthetic).


you could make a " pre cyborg" shirt

sew a little 1’‘x1’’ pocket inside the top wrist of shirt sleeves, so that either YOU or the customer can slip a disc style fob or bare tag into it

some of the fun benefits of implants, without the actual install


I was thinking the same, but with a hoodie/jacket. The long sleeves would allow you to emulate a wrist install.

A jacket with a designated pocket for a field detector would be cool too, I often wish I had one on me, and they keep getting destroyed in my wallet.

Either of these would likely require custom tooling though, so probably too much work for a low volume product.

For price ranges (apologies for using USD), I would say $20-35 for a shirt is fairly normal for lower volume merch as long as the fabric is decent. For a good hoodie, $50-85. For a bag, similar range, $40-80, potentially up to around $100 if there’s something special about it.

I would really love to see some kind of branded modular bag, with the ability to move compartments around. That way I could make a proxmark pocket, a lockpick pocket, battery bank pocket, etc. I’ve seen these on the market and owned a few, not sure how hard it would be to find one that you could add branding to.

A card folio of some kind would be neat too, to store the packs of cards already sold by KSEC. Not sure if you already have that, wasn’t able to find it on your site.


Bag wise, something like the tacsac 13 from nutsac would be great, but probably 1) too expensive and 2) hard to brand.

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Appreciate all the feedback and ideas !

I think there could be opportunities for small batch kit carry bags and more security specific items. This would be separate to the merch store however. I’ve wanted to do custom tactical vests for a while.

One update, we’ve had interest from other vendors and will be selling different brands (ones you already one) alongside KSEC and other general merch. We’re hoping to have a solid working demo of the store within a week to pitch to a few companies. Then we can have an official cyborg merch store for multiple companies, alongside security related stuff also.


I’m not sure I can provide you with feedback on prices. But I would like to mention that I’d gladly wear a shirt in support of this Forum. Making merch available to buy is an excellent idea.


a KSEC techbag/kitbag would be, pardon mon fracais, fucking awesom


Update on this

  • We have a working test of fully customisable merch (you can change/add logos, text etc)
  • There are currently 30+ items that have been made so far
  • We’re in contact with a few vendors about including their branded merch in the store as well
  • The initial demo release we’re aiming to be completed by the end of Feb
  • There are a large number of clothing items available, as well as some other items (Multiple hoodies, various t-shirt options etc)

Custom kit bags are something i’m due to review. They wouldn’t be part of this new store but we could be listed on KSEC Labs. I’d need to do some further research into bag options, patches etc


Update as of today:

  • There are now 65 items on the store (more coming)
  • New cyborg merch
  • New hacker style merch range
  • New cybersec humor product range
  • We’ve opened up the customisation options to a more broad range of items
  • You can build your own merch from scratch or customise an existing design
  • Will be adding other vendors merch in after the next phase

Most of the website has been completed (Few small bits left). We’ve got one of our team members working to get the initial release of it up and running asap. Hoping to have it live within the next few weeks.


Launch Day! - The new KSEC Merch center has been launched.

We’re adding a loads of new hacker, red team and military style clothes within the next release.

Please drop us a DM with any feedback. More awesomeness to come !


Check out the ECO & DIY to build, customise and design your own!


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