New next chip :) some questions

So.i got my chip, the two things I want to copy are my work card and building access.chip, see attached pictures, can i? With the device I have? Also in the pictures!

I cant upload the pictures

IMG_0936 IMG_0934 IMG_0933

Hi Marikbrest,

Unfortunately Google drive is showing that we don’t have access to view the files, if you could change the permissions we can take a look for you!

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Try now

Hello and welcome!

So… by those photos, I’m not that entirely sure about what are the chips.

What I can say is… ditch that white cloner. It’s unreliable at best, and potentially dangerous if you get unlucky.

Now the write error… Can be:

  • white cloner is failing at writing. Common issue.
  • the cloner isn’t pairing well with the implant.
  • the implant isn’t actually able to be written to.
  • the system on your doors uses a more advanced chip which can’t be cloned.

If it’s any of the first two, then you are much better off with a Proxmark. It’s a better device at handling LF implants, and there’s plenty of knowledgeable folks around here able to assist you with using it.

Now if it’s the third option…

As far as I’m aware, DT currently only sells writable chips, but there are some implants out there which are not meant for cloning badges.

Recently we had someone buying (somewhere else) an EM4102 microchip, which is not writable, but was advertised as such…

Do you mind sharing which is your implant? (a link to the sale page would help.)

I hope yours is not the later case.

Now for the last possibility:

Maybe photos of the badge and/or reader used by your door systems (assuming you are allowed to) might help identify if there is anything on that system.

Given that it’s LF, then the odds are in your favour. high security systems often use HF.


Wow thanks!
so first i will order your recommendation, with what software do i use? (macbook)
Secondly, i have the Next implant, can i write on it these two cards, the numbers in the picture is what i get…
can i test the implant when it still closed in the bag?

@Pilgrimsmaster ? :grin:

Great. the T5577 is writable and “purpose built” for cloning. but you’ll need a Proxmark for that.

I’ll let more experienced users (such as Pilgri) to take on from here.

I deal a lot more with HF than LF, so I’m sure these guys can add more weight on how to use proxmark from a mac than I would :wink:

I can tell you the proxmark3 easy was a little tricky to setup on a MacBook because the instructions are a little vague but with the help of these fine folks, it’s not that difficult, you should be up and running in no time.

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I had great luck with this tutorial for Macs.


So with this device i will be able to clone the chips I have?

I do not believe the UID on the HF 13.65 MHz side of the NExT is changeable however it could possibly be enrolled if your work/building manager is willing to do it for you.

The UID on the LF 125 kHz side of the NExT is T5577 chip that has the ability to emulate other chips including EM41xx, EM4200, HID 1326 ProxCard II, HID 1346 ProxCard III, and Indala access cards and keyfobs. If your work/building is one of those, then your in luck!

If your work/building are separate cards and are both LF 125 kHz then you’ll either need two LF chips (NExT or xEM) or have either your work or building enroll your UID to the same as the other to utilize one transponder.

If you don’t mind post a pic of the cards/fobs for further identification and we may be able to assist in your LF compatibility to the NExT.


Thanks! The card is just with with the company logo but as I am the IT manager I have access to the card system also the building manager at my apartment :slight_smile:



You sir, are the envy of most people here including myself.


My company has issued me 2 different cards, one (HID H10301 26-bit) for site access and accountability, the other (a clamshell t55xx emulating an HID H10301 26-bit) for the time clock. They told me when I started that they couldn’t use just one card because the systems were incompatible. idiots…


Actually started that job with 3 HID cards, but since one was for the picture and barcode only, I nuked it in the microwave for a few seconds to cut out crosstalk to the other 2

I still don’t know if both system will be compatible…

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True, there are so many different protocols, I’m sure the proxmark3 will be able to clear all of that up for you.

So now I need to go ahead and order it :slight_smile:
And make sure i will manage to work with it on my Mac…
Anything else I should order?

Are you using windows or Mac?