New NExT Implant, who dis?

Hey hey,

I just got my NExT Implant installed earlier today and started messing with it, hopefully to clone my work badge to it.

My current hardware is a Proxmark3 RDV2, the blue PCB w/ the external antennas, running Iceman FW.

I can immediately start reading the HF side of the implant, but the LF side isn’t properly responding. The implant is on position R5 (knife-edge of the hand)

Things I’ve done:

  • lf tune and monitor the readings. Baseline is 23168mV, and the lowest I can get it to go is 22988mV. Putting my badge nearby drops to 12956mV.
  • lf search; lf search; lf search; ...: I can get it to No known 125/134 kHz tags found!, instead of No data found! if there’s nothing near the PM3.

Things I haven’t done:

  • Be patient, and wait for any swelling to dissipate.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?


Welcome to the club!
One of us

Just give it time to heal. Will probably take a week to let the swelling go down. The recommendation is to wait 2 weeks before writing as well.


My NeXT read the nfc side immediately but it took about 3 days to be able to read and write to the LF with the pm3. The door readers at work took about 5 days post install to pick it (LF side) up.

My implant is quite close to the skin and visible in L0 and never looked swollen but must have been given the above.


This made me laugh…:rofl:

You should really try that…waiting that is


Newbie question: Do most folks already know what they initially intend to do with their implants, and pre-program them before having them put into the body?

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The implants in an injector (xSeries) cannot be programmed beforehand as the injector needle is in metal and blocks the signal from a Proxmark or a NFC reader-writer.


The low frequency ones can be read if you have a powerful enough reader. But I’m not sure if the Proxmark can write through the needle and I would advice against it.

Haha, surprisingly (maybe?) NO.
Well the ones we have seen here a little more recently anyway.

I guess it is easier for some people to buy and hope, rather than research and be sure, so we are often asked,
“Got an implant how do I make it work”

My LOOSE guess would be
20% own research
55% community research
25% winging it

I knew that I wanted to use my NExT to replace the key fob at my apartment. For the other side of it, and my xSIID though, I figured I’d just mess around with contact info, URL to a pic of a middle finger, and of course the traditional dngr. us/rick URL. I’ve rewritten to both of them so many times lol

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As for me, yes. I think of use cases and then figure out what implant will make that happen; along with what type to get. Yes, a flex gets better read, but I personally like that the x series implants are easier to install. I find most of my use cases fall around my work as a System Admin/IT Help Desk.

For reference, my current use cases…

Clone work badge: NExT Implant
Log onto Work Laptop: NExT Implant
Set up Wi-Fi on employees work phones: NExT Implant
Padlock for gym: xSLX
Clone hotel keys: xM1
Pick up small laptop screws: xG3 (TBI…To be installed)
Clone Ambulance KeyFob for Hospitals: flexClass (TBI)

As for OP:

Good advice lol. Try that.


Not to jump into someone else’s thread, but I’m having a similar issue.

I had my implant put in about a month ago, so I’ve done some waiting to ensure there’s no inflammation or anything. The hf side seems to read just fine, even accidentally triggering my phone if I rest it in the back of my hand.

I’ve tried the Proxmark3 easy from DT, and the Proxmark3 RDV4 with the lf implant antenna, and the best I get is a reading where it says there’s a valid Indala ID found with a huge randomized string as the raw data. Is it possible it was implanted too deep in my hand?

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Congrats on the install!
My guess is the placement/orientation of your implant on the PM3 is off. It definitely took me a while to figure out the right placement before I could clone my apartment fob to it. I kept getting the random indala results if my placement wasn’t right.
Make sure the implant is perpendicular to the antenna on the PM3. I find a good scan when my skin is touching the antenna, though others have stated some distance between your hand and the antenna helps them.
If you type “lf search; lf search; lf search” to the PM3, it’ll run 3 lf searches. I used that feature to keep it searching while I moved my hand around to find the optimal placement.


lf tune
is another useful command.

When/where you get the largest voltage drop will likely be the best place/orientation for a read/write


I’ve tried using lf tune to see where the voltage drops, but I never seem to get a drop of more than 0.5V. I’ve used the keychains to experiment with orientation and distance, and that will show a full volt drop, but not my hand. Does the LED implant draw more power than the RFID one?

Did you try writing/cloning to it to see if the raw data changes?

The raw data changes if I do lf search more than once. It’s never the same thing twice.

I have the good fortune to be an x-ray tech, so I can kind of cheat to find exactly where my implant is. I just can’t seem to find a good position for the antenna to read.

what implant is it?

make sure youre intersecting the implant with the LF antenna like such

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It’s a NExT implant. Like I said, the high frequency side works just fine. I just can’t seem to get the low frequency side to read. And I do my best to make sure the implant is perpendicular to the reader antenna, but I don’t get much in the way of feedback.

do lf t55 detect instead of lf search and see what that returns

if you’re using the rdv4 you need to flip the LF antenna outwards so its hanging off the side upside down or swap out for the lf antenna