New NExT user and Multiclass SE reader

Hi all!

Happy new NExT implant user here. I have cloned my HID prox card 2 to a test T5577 card as well as my chip using my proxmark3. The chip and both cards work in the elevator and parking garage, but not on the reader to my office (multiclass SE). When using a diagnostic card from DT, the HF and LF led’s blink like crazy.

I have tried searching, but are there any tips or solutions to using the LF side of the chips on these readers?



Ouh a HF & LF dual reader… that may be bad with the NExT
EDIT: Or am I misunderstanding

tenor (39)

I have to deal with the same “problem”, if you use your LF xFD to find the antenna sweet spot(s) (brightest), for mine, I find tucking my thumb in, fingers pointing to the floor, placing NExT to the lower middle of the reader and swiping down toward the floor

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Thanks! I’ll give this a try on my way out today. Didn’t anticipate this type of “problem”. Maybe i can figure out a way to hit that sweet spot. thanks!

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You’re understanding correctly. The HF and LF i was referring to were on the diagnostic card.

Depends, but if you can isolate the reader antenna you want and learn how to approach it, I have a variety (4) of multiclass readers I use and have found the best approach for all of them.

The xFDs are fantastic for doing this, they take out all the guess work and trial and error