New proxmark3 reading everything as EM4x50

I just got my proxmark3 easy in the mail today and got it up and running, but I’ve hit a strange issue where when I run lf search, its reading everything as an EM4x50. I can even run lf search with nothing near the proxmark and it claims it found a valid EM4x50. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Hmmm… check all connections for the LF antenna board… the screws are right that secure it… nothing is shorting it (non-metal surfaces) and maybe double check your firmware and client are compiled correctly and match.

Hey Amal! Thanks for your reply. I took apart the three boards this morning to make sure there wasn’t anything causing a short and put them back together with and without the middle board in case somehow that was connection causing issues. I verified the client and the firmware are both on v4.14434 and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client in case it was just built wrong or something, but still no luck.

I’m brand new to RFID, so I don’t know a lot about these devices, but from what I can tell all of the other features appear to be working as expected. This tells me that you’ve gotta be on the right track with the issue being software or LF antenna based. Another weird thing I noticed during my testing is that even if I remove the LF antenna entirely, it still claims it has found a valid EM4x50 ID. Not sure if this helps at all.

ah ha! I re-ran the pm3-flash-all utility and that seems to have resolved the issue! thanks again for your help!!