New small town Cyborg!

My story may not be interesting but this small country town is about to have their first Cyborg in the community.

So I’m pretty excited I’m about to be a brand new Cyborg!!! I got my order very quickly. Thanks Amal G.!
I’m in a small country town here in Texas and I was nervous about asking our local tattoo shops because none of them offer dermal piercings.

The first shop I went in, I didn’t have a good approach. I had printed the material provided by and had the one of the implant kits with me for the employee to see what exactly it looked like(didn’t open the plastic pouch). I start by asking what all know ND of piercings were offered and right off the bat, employee states anything but dermals… We left and I felt shot down. Next shop walked up and there was just one employee left for the night. We told him we just had a few questions. He said sure come on in and let’s see what you got. So since the last shop shot me down so fast, I thought I would approach this a little different. I started by telling the employee I had a somewhat awkward request but that I had most of what was need to perform my request. He looks at me a little strange as he looks at the box and printed paper in my hands. I start by explaining exactly what it was in the box and why I wanted it (get to that later). He looks at it, looks at the packaging, says it basically looks like it would be a dermal piercing with no anchor and no stitches, and compares it to a pet chip implant :unamused:. I shrug that off and say ya it is kinda but a little more advanced. He smiles and says he would need to run it by the owner before he commits to the procedure. I get excited and tell him if the first one goes good, that he may have a repeat customer!

Being in my small town I didn’t expect to find someone so fast (2nd shop). It just took the right approach and an open-minded person.

Now why am I wanting this ‘upgrade’ you may ask. Convenience, novelty, and just interest in rfid/NFC. Like I’ve stated above. I’m in a small COUNTRY town and I would like to say I would be the first in my town to have something like this. May even make the local paper. I will have to give the credit to Amal for his contributions to the future. It’s going to be funny walking through my workplace and use my hand as my badge(I hope). Been ng in the IT department also I can have some fun with it😁.

I have many ideas where the this product and will keep updates. I’ll even try and load my pictures and videos of procedures and projects.
If anyone is interested in that please.ley me know down below.


Great stuff and good luck.
we are always interested it others experiences on here. So yes, feel free to share your experiences, and of course ask if you get stuck.
What are you looking at getting installed?
Where are you looking at? The webbing?
Are you happy it is compatible with your work security system?
Have you got the system admin on-side, or is that part of your IT roll?
I hope you get the answer you want from the installer.
did they give a price indication?

The first one to install is going to be the NeXT. That way I get to experience both NFC and RFID on both frequencies.
As for location, yes the webbing to start.
My work door access is HID. I don’t think it’s iClass. It’s a pretty old system so I’m really hoping I can emulate HID. The readers are from rfideas and when I use the pcprox utility made for the scanners is just shows a UID, cant see any data. I think all the authentications is done on the back end and not at the card level ( I work in a hospital ). The system is a ccure system if that makes a difference. I do know it’s the 125 khz frequency also. The only markings on the card are HID 009P.
No I don’t deal with the badge system but I do have a good relationship with the person that is the admin.:yum:

Pricing from the local tattoo shop qouted me $40

Just to clarify for yourself and others, as it is a self-perpetuating misnomer on here. It’s easy to get confused and people will know what you mean when you say it, BUT better to “nip it in the bud”
RFID is any Radio-frequency Identification system regardless of the actual frequency.
Low Frequency ( LF ) 125 kHz eg. xEM uses RFID to communicate
High Frequency ( HF ) 13.56 MHz eg. xNT uses RFID to communicate

an asset tracking system using 900MHz stickers is also using RFID to communicate

NFC Near-field communication is just a communication protocol it uses, Which operates using RFID in the HF band of 13.56MHz and that is how your phone can communicate with the NExT (xNT)

I will put an “understanding terminology” or a Glossary in the Beginners Guide Wiki just to clarify for people, There are a lot of acronyms and initialisms that cause a lot of confusion.

All that being said, Good choice on the NExT and sounds promising for your work access HID 125kHz.
Your NExT will be in EM mode but I ???THINK??? HID will require T5577, which it is capable of… but we’ll deal with that when / if we have to.
Keep us in the loop, I hope your installer gets back to you.


Thank you. I understand how my explaination could get confusing. I appreciate the clarification😁. I could have worded a bit better.

I should know something from the installer by Tuesday.

Haha, Not a problem, You’re not the first and wont be the last.
It’s not a big deal, we all know what you meant

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Just my 2 cents… if your new to all this RFID madness … On the cheap grab a proxmark3 easy (kkmoon makes a cheap version but the LF coil works well with my NeXT when pressed down hand ish). It no RDV4 but in terms of learning the basics and even advanced programming of any RFID. I would play with that and the cards that come with it. Cost of around $39
. Hope it helps you on this cyborg path
It will help clone your hid to the NeXT when your ready and confident


Just got shot down by my perspective installer😞

how many more do you have to try…
remember there is always an assisted install or self install if you REALLY “have” to. some info in the Wiki link I sent you in the HOW DO I GET IT IMPLANTED section
if you have a trip planned to bigger city with a

that is another option

Ya I’ve read on the assisted and self installs. That will be last resort. Luckily my mother is a doctor, but that’s probably the 2nd to last option. I have a couple of people asking around to see if any professional piercer is willing to help me out. So we will see. As a matter of fact I will be taking a trip to the Dallas area soon so if I haven’t had one installed yet I will look then.

That would be MY first choice…

August last year from Amal

not sure how upto date the info is but

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I use a guy in Georgetown, just outside of Austin for all my implants. I’m also a small town cyborg myself. Welcome!


It’s official.:grin: Got it implanted by a medical professional that would like to remain anonymous :unamused:. Reads just fine with my phone.
I will try my work badge scanners on Monday.
I’ve never been this excited to go to work🙂.
Got the vivokey next once this one heals.


Congrats, and welcome :robot: .

I hope you gave your medical professional a Hug :hugs:

Personally, I would get your 2nd implant in sooner rather than later, rather than dragging out the healing time, get it all done in half the time…that is,if your image I mean your anonymous medical professional :woman_health_worker: is happy to do so.


Here are a few after injection photos.


I hazard a guess that the anonymous medical professional is in fact you :slight_smile: Injecting from the wrist forward implies assuming a totally unnatural position for a third party to perform the task. But it’s what a self-implantee would do.

Whatever the case may be, congrats and welcome to the club.

I did not do this my self. I couldn’t bring my self to do it. @Pilgrimsmaster was pretty spot point with the person😉.
I asked to have it injected that way for personal reasons.



Actually many professional body piercers do it this way. The reasoning is that you are injecting away from the trapezoid bone, but in reality if you’re at risk of hitting the bone you’re far too deep (i.e. not doing it right). Still, many professionals are all about minimizing all possible risk, and there’s nothing “wrong” with doing it that direction. I find it’s impossible to do that way when sitting across the table from someone, and I have better placement control doing it the way we suggest… but definitely the best way is the way the professional is comfortable with.

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