New test subject

I saw on your website that you do have at least one human test subject and that they had a magnet implanted back in 2014. I’m not sure if this is acceptable but I’m extremely interested in becoming a test subject for you. Please let me know if this is even a possibility.


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The Dangerous Things magnets were sold for beta testing for a while, but supply chain issues means that they haven’t been able to continue selling and testing them. It seems like magnets have been put on the back burner while they work on other projects like VivoKey.

The facebook page is good for staying updated with current and future productions.

Ya I know, the original post wasn’t exclusively about magnets, I was just using them as an example. My interest is in becoming a test subject for anything they might be developing, not just magnets. Thanks though.

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Thanks for volunteering, but we don’t test on customers and we don’t recruit test subjects. I test everything first before making it available to anyone else. If I’m happy with my testing of a new product, but know the product still needs some refining, I typically release it as a beta product first.