New to all these. Do I need replacement?

I’m new to implants and I’m looking to get myself a NExT RFID+NFC. I’ve read through the FAQs and all but I have a question. Do we need to replace these tags after a few years of using it? My pet has an implant for ID purposes and it needs to get check/replace every year or so. Are these the same or once I have it implanted, I could just leave it for life?

Nope! Not with normal use.

Your vet is pulling a quick one on you. If they have an implant, sure they might scan it yearly, but they shouldn’t have to replace it yearly.

You got it!

Yeah wtf? No, chips don’t need replacing.

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Technically this is correct, inasmuch as the pet needs replacing after a few yesrs.


It depends on the pet. Parrots can be microchipped and they can outlive their owners.

The chip is still very likely to outlive a parrot


True, but you are unlikely to be the one replacing either.

Getting back to the original question. The only time you normally need to replace an implant is if it is a payment conversion as they usually have an expiration date (like a credit/debit card).

Thank you all for the response! Really clear things up for me!