New to implants

I have recently discovered dangerous things and ordered the red bundle. I am having them implanted tonight. I have zero idea how to exactly use them even after hours of searching google and the forum so if anyone could drop some good links I’d really appreciate it. I currently have an iPhone 11 :confused: so I get it’ll be more trouble. I learned best on the ambulance by doing and think it would be best with this. Thanks in advance!!


If you didn’t already read the Chip implant 101 i would recomend it to you!

There you see the RFID specifications - outgoing from them you can search for projects done with chips like that.

ah - if you clock at any of the entetys under capabilities you can see some more infos


I would highly recommend the Wiki section of this forum too :+1:t3:


I read those but there’s lots of technical information I don’t understand yet. Most of what I find in forums is geared towards people that are some what knowledgeable in the field already


Thank you! I will start looking Into those archives!!

I was in your shoes, I placed my order on impulse then actually started researching, it’s been almost a month now since my order has arrived. I still plan on getting them installed but only after reading up for the past few weeks do I actually understand how much I will have to learn before I can take fully advantage of my implants.

It may be worth while to pick up some vitamins and start reading up on proxmark3 to get the most out of your implants.

Welcome to the group and good luck on your installation.


Welcome there!

Loads of us begun like that!!

Ultimately it is just a very similar effect as a tablet suffers from:

Very, very, few people would ever have a genuine need or understanding of a tablet before getting one. Once they do, they start finding new uses for it to the point it becomes a very valuable accessory for them!

Although I am a fan of things being properly documented (which results in very technical information), I do agree with you:

Having somewhere with fundamentals laid out in a friendlier medium would be quite handy!

I just won’t re-link stuff already linked here! (except maybe the Wiki, which @anon2520759 mentioned )

Or… just ask away!! Folks here are fairly friendly and happy to answer any questions, even if you think they might be silly. :grin:


I made a Wiki, specifically to start with baby steps, did you read this one?

I do need to give it an update, adding in the Flex Discs, and the new mini flex’s
Plus the Wiki I started and lost all the information on protocols, I’m not too keen to start it again, the research was VERY boring, and nobody really asks or cares about it.
I do have a partial, rough draught of it, so Maybe…urgh

Anyway, as said by the guys above, once you have done some research, and if you still have questions ( You will)
Just ASK