New to RFID and NFC

Bio Hacks have totally grabbed my attention, i want one someday but wanted to play with the RFID tags before i got an implant. I got to thinking about the size of the NFC tags and want to place one in an object that has my contact info and business website. I do conventions and often have customers take a photo of my info with smart phones. NFC readers are on so many devices these days that being able to “bump” tech to transfer info would great way to create a memorable moment in relation to my other products. this is the only place i have found tags small enough to fit in the object i want to use. Could anyone make a recommendation for the best tag to 1) hold contact info or a redirect to a website and 2) most universal tag, what works on the most NFC compatible phones? 3) i have a Samsung Note 4, can this be used with any of the RFID ? or would i need a different device (it does have a NFC reader)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you’re primarily going to be messing with phones and you don’t wanna futz around with finding the sweet spot, the flex tags got you covered. The antenna works a heck of a lot better with phones than the xNT, but serve the same purpose: holding data. :kissing_heart:

Great! thank you for the suggestion. I went and looked at the info provided on dangerous things and can’t tell if i need to buy and additional device to program the flex tag when i buy it. Can you tell me what device i need to program the chip? sorry for being such a newbie, i have not had much study of the tech as of yet but I’m excited to get started with the idea i have.

Just wanted to chime in and mention the BullsEye tags. If you don’t intend on implanting the chips and don’t mind the tag to be a little bigger (although that means greater read range), these are the better option. They contain the NTAG216 chip, which is the exact same chip as the FlexNT, which means it has the exact same functionality. Also they are way cheaper.

Any NFC capable smartphone should be able to write data to it with apps such as NFC Tools.

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Yes! Thank you, the bullseye looks just right for a trial run of the idea i have. and thank you for clarifying the app for NFC tool. I have so many new ideas with this lower cost start place i can’t wait to get started!