New to this world! Need some help setting upA

Hello out there in the biohacking world!! I’ve had my implant kit for a couple years, had trouble finding someone to do it aswell as the money so did research over time and about a week ago got the nerve to just go for it and it was a success!! Now besides using an app like NFC tools Pro to do little things with it how do I do more!? I’ve heard of being able to use it for google pay/samsung pay etc. I have the xNT implant and plan on buying a couple more of the others! Any and all info would be great! I dont code but any help in the right direction is much much appreciated!

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As far as payments go it’s been something that’s been a work in progress for a long while.

Regarding payment with an xNT @Ima_Wana_Be has given you the answer with the link to follow, as things stand now!
However I would also add

on the near horizon, and recently revealed to us, there is a new product line that will have “PROPER/ ACTUAL/ REAL/ LEGIT/FOR TRUE-SIES” payment capability. ( eventually - think fitted for, but not with…) It is a part of the Vivokey line of products, and they will be called Vivokey Apex.
here is the informal / unoffical announcement

To answer your other question,

You will see below, things are not always black and white :black_circle: :white_circle: and I will use words like NORMALLY/ GENERALLY/ OCCASIONALLY there are exceptions to the rules SOMETIMES :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The xNT is a great little implant and ontop of using it like you currently are, you can also use it for things such as access to work and/ or home and/or school or transit/travel ( though travel are NORMALLY quite locked down). The caveat is, it also depends on the compatibility of the xNT with these access systems.
There are plenty of people on here that can help you with this, but we would need a little more information about the systems you are trying to use it on.

Access systems just look for a unique ID(UID), of which your xNT will have one. As long as it is compatible, if you own it, it is easy to enroll, if you don’t, this is often where some social engineering comes into play.

Before we go any further, I am not sure of how much knowledge you have in this area, but I would suggest you read through some of this forums Wikis.

Basically there are 2 main frequency types:
Low Frequency (LF) 125kHz - The UIDs can often be copied / cloned and written to - they are less secure but very abundant in the big wide world :earth_africa:

High Frequency (HF) 13.56MHz - These can RARELY have their UIDs copied / cloned and written to - including your xNT - Dangerous Things sell the xM1 ( Soon the xM1 Flex??? or similar name ) which is an HF implant with a changeable UID, BUT, is only compatible with specific systems.
Included in the HF space is NFC which your phone will LIKELY have.
As you would have found, you can easily write NDEF data to your xNT and change this as much as you would like, business cards, plain text etc. using NFC tools or similar.

I am trying to keep it simple AND give you as much info as possible. After reading the Wikis, it should hopefully be making sense

Now for some projects, if you search Amazon, ebay, aliexpress, wish, banggood etc. and type in 13.56MHz locks you should find a bunch of door lock / draw locks that operate on these frequencies, ( which can be repurposed to other projects,) the cheap chinese one will MORE OFTEN THAN NOT work with your xNT, what you are looking for if it is listed is:-

Arduino as another path you can take and Dangerougs Things sell some components for this
Thing one : Thing two

You can also use you xNT as a way to unlock your laptop / computer with a simple “plug and play” kbr1 reader

to further your

I would suggest for you, to get some information for any access systems you use, and provide us as much detail as possible and we can hopefully point you in the right direction for a compatible implant. Hopefully the xNT you already have. :crossed_fingers:

I always recommend the NExT because of its multifunctionality, it has the same xNT that you have PLUS an xEM, in your case you COULD just get an xEM, BUT I would still suggest a NExT…OTY
the beauty of the xEM / NExT is it will open :wink: a world of very common LF devices / systems / projects.
Do the same as I suggest above for searching Amazon, ebay, aliexpress, wish, banggood etc. but type in 125kHz locks.

When you own a “thing” you can NORMALLY easily enroll an implant to it and use it just as easy.

When you go to get some more devices, dont forget to plan for the future as to what you want to put where!

That should be enough to digest for now.
Good luck


Well said! :smile:

Thank you so much for the in depth reply! Aswell as to everyone else who replied!

Before I dive into responding to everything I wanted to bring something up that I noticed the other day. So I know the xNT has 888 bytes on it. Well I I trying to put my contact info on my implant and after filling out all of my contact info it was like 115 bytes or something. Well when trying to write it to my implant it says I dont have enough space. So I checked and I only have 46 bytes available. So I formatted the tag and it still only has 46 bytes. I cant put hardly anything on there because nothing will fit really besides small tasks or what not. P.S. this was just a regular formatt not a NDEF format if that matters.

So as far as payment I just meant like google pay/samsung pay/apple pay etc! But I understand now that isnt possible quite yet!

As far as buying more implants, as aside from the NExT implant, I was looking at the Vivokey Spark 2 as my next one to purchase. This is because I’ve read some good things about it aswell as the plug and play aspect of it sounds nice. But where I’m curious is will the Vivokey Spark 2 eventually be update-able to be able to use payment features on it once that is released or do we think its gonna be just buying the new Vivokey Apex that Pilgrimsmaster mentioned?

Lastly, about the systems I am using and what I would like to do with the implant… I honestly dont know besides just making payments and just making it useful. I know sounds dumb I should of done more research but i had thought I knew what I needed to know and got it done. Still love it just need to know more and learn more to be able to use it! So besides my computers I have a Samsung S10+, nothing else really to use it. I’m buying a adruino board hopefully real soon so I can do more with it. Right now I’m stuck to just using my phone to read/write to my tag. I would love to do anything useful with it so any ideas are welcome. My imagination only takes me so far with what I think I can do. I dont have any ID’s or anything that use NFC. I could put documents on it if they were small enough. Aside from using it to unlock my house door soon I’m open to ideas! I’m also stuck to what I can do until I figure out why it only has 46 bytes available even after formatting.

It does, format the whole tag as NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format). That’s how it has to be formatted for NFC enabled phones and readers to understand the messages on there (text, URI, vcard).

The Spark won’t be able to support contactless payment, just cryptographic identification. Only the new Apex implants will be able to support payment because they have much more powerful chips and the chips are personalized with secret keys in a secure facility before being made into implants. EMV is really picky about this.


I can say there might be a plus with having both a Spark and Apex, one for payment one to authorize identity. If you get a Spark you can login using VivoKey Authentication and get a wealth of information :).

They will both be able to authorize identity via the VivoKey platform and API… my argument for both is simply to have a backup :slight_smile: … but there are other reasons too… the Apex will be a “smart card” and many 3rd party devices don’t know how to talk to smart cards even though they are also ISO14443A… so it could be useful to have both Spark 2 and an Apex implant.

Awesome you guys are amazing! Got my tag formatted and now have plenty of room on it!
So if I can already put my contact info on my xNT and more is the spark 2 really much of a upgrade/difference? I know it’s the better of the 2 probably for identity and such but was curious if it was that much better to be worth picking it up!
Can this Vivokey Apex come out already!! I’m impatient and ready for it now let’s soooooooo! Hahaha
Is there any discussion of when it is possibly being released?

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Lol, you’ve been waiting for it for 4 days. Imagine how we felt waiting for it for 4 years. It’s actually here, I’m sure you can survive a bit longer while the kinks are worked out.