New xdf2 desfire implant... can't read/write like I can with my NeXT

I use ios13 now since it can write to NFC, however, I can’t get any app to write to the desfire. The same app I use for the nfc on my NeXT works just fine to read/write from the NeXT but it doesn’t recognize my new implant properly.

Should I order a reader/writer for my Mac or should I just get a cheap android that might support it and write to it there? Whichever one works, I just want to be able to read/write. There’s obviously no ndef data added to this implant like there was on my NeXT so I can’t even scan it with nfc scanning in the background.

Any help or guidance towards some kind of solution would be awesome. Thank you!

I’m under the impression that the iPhone can read/write to NFC Type 4 tags like the xDF2. It could be that you need a more capable app, or that you’re not getting good coupling with the NFC antenna.

  • What app are you using
    Which specific iPhone app have you been using to write successfully to your NExT, and what one are you using to try and write to your xDF2. Someone might be able to suggest a better one, or you can look around the forums.

  • Which iPhone are you using?
    You mentioned it was IOS13, but which iPhone model are you using? You need to get very good coupling to write to the xDF2. Here is an x-ray image of the iPhone 10, with the ideal positioning of the xDF2 highlighted in green

I honestly think that coil is the wireless charging coil… I believe NFC for iPhones are mostly coiled tightly at the top edge… this is to make Apple Pay more of a tap motion like tapping a wand and less like awkwardly edging your phone to a flat surface.

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This is likely because the DESFire chip requires special formatting to create an NDEF AID on the chip, and either the iPhone or the app is not able to do this part. Once the AID is created, then iPhones should have no problem writing NDEF data to it.

However, try TagWriter from NXP and use the Format Tag option… if anything is going to work, that should.

It’s right at the top - that’s what my experience has been.

I had someone write a url to it and now it seems to be able to read a bit more. I haven’t tried replacing the url yet but I’ll get right on that.

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