Newb - Are these cards clonable?

Hey wonderful forum.
I’m new to rfid and nfc, so I’m still learning, and trying hard to suck up as much knowledge as I can.

I’ve got these two cards, and wonder if they can be clones onto my implants.

The first one is a keycard - and from what I think I’ve learned, it can be cloned onto an xM1 implant.

03-9C-6D-06_2021-10-13 09-21-53_taginfo_scan(1).txt (7.2 KB)

The second one is my workout access card - but can it be cloned. Maybe with the proxmark3? Onto the NeXT implant? I’m not sure.

04-BF-96-3A-D9-57-80_2021-10-13 09-21-08_taginfo_scan(1).txt (6.6 KB)

Thanks a lot :heart:

You are correct about card 1 but card 2 is a new 7 byte mifare card and currently we don’t have any magic mifare 7 byte chips.


Amal already answered this, but

Not onto the NExT, but is a possibility that you might be able enroll your NExT onto their system.

It might take some social engineering to convince them, and a bit of luck with compatibility but it MIGHT work…


Thanks a lot! I’m learning a lot from guys like you :heart: much appreciated!

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