Newbee question : Place 2 different implant on same place?

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I think I know the answer but I ask :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s not recommended to place 2 different implant on the same place, for exemple the both on the same hand ?

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You can but they should be at least 5mm apart. Also take into consideration if they are the same frequency as they could interfere with each other.


But with different frequency, no problem ?

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Thanks !

It shouldn’t be. If they are x series chips you may get away with 2 of the same frequency on the same hand, but inches apart instead of millimeters

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I have 4 of each frequency in the same hand, just like @mfries18 just gotta space them out right,
Every other knuckle divot works nicely, also rolling things over 90° edges helps a bit too

This is an older picture, I should re do it,
Red is low frequency blue is high frequency, green was a magnet (removed since then)