Newbie finally getting chipped

Hello! I’m a longtime lurker who has finally decided to join the ranks. I’ve wanted an implant for almost a decade, and well, better late than never! Tomorrow I’m getting my blue xSIID installed by a local DT partner and couldn’t be more excited. I mostly just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and get this cyborg ball a rollin’.

Any advice before I get myself stabbed?


Looks like you have some good advice inbound


So I’ll just say




My advice read read read on the forums, the depth of knowledge here is pretty deep.

As far as the actual stabbing, my advice is don’t work it up in your head, it’s almost anticlimatic. Oh, and eat a sensible meal about 1hr before hand. Some people get woozy, and a couple have fainted from a combination of excitement and a low blood sugar.


The bandage that DT includes is a bit large but very high quality. So maybe get some of the waterproof Nexcare ones in a normal size? Your installer will have better advice on this.

Keep it covered and clean while it heals, and don’t mess with too much with it during the first two weeks.

Most importantly, don’t overcomplicate it. It’s a very simple procedure at the end of the day.

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Yep :arrow_heading_up: you did

I’ll just add, also don’t expect too much for the first 2 weeks, you may get little on NO blink for that period of time, But as you are a lurker, you are probably aware.

Splint / Coral if you think you need to, Take some prenatal vitamins…Again I’m sure you already know, just covering off some of the big ones

Bring on the BLINK!!!


I hope it goes well.

For your planning, this really won’t help, but a good question, with a clear answer, but just not a definitive answer

I’m not sure if it is the same stock currently being sold, and whether Amal can update as to whether this is still the case, but if you did have a preference that was important ( under a tattoo for example), You could remove it, inspect it, clean it, insert it, but if not, it would be best to just go for it

Just some food for thought

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Thanks everyone! A large meal before the procedure is definitely planned. I’ve never fainted before, but I’m not taking that for granted.

Yep I’ve read up on the possible lack of blink over the first week or so, so no worries there. If I have trouble I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that it’s normal. I also have been taking prenatals for the last few days so I’m good there too.

Shouldn’t be a problem for me. I want it in L0 and have no hand tattoos or anything. I think as long as it doesn’t end up in a lung I should be happy haha.


The installation went beautifully well! Reading works effortlessly and I can even see that blink. Didn’t hurt much at all, just a little burning and now a touch of soreness. Kevin Stewart of Evolutionary Studios did the install. For anyone near the Nashville area I can’t recommend him enough. He’s on the partner list and is an absolute pro.


Kevin does great work! Love that guy.