Newbie - New tech for my (not so hot) bod!

Oh yeah that makes sense, I didn’t think of that

Usually the bypass only needs to be active for starting, its not part of the bypass module that keeps it running. Generally the cut off if a safety feature of the remote start module to prevent someone from driving off by smashing a window.

Workarounds are put in a separate ‘push button start’ kit from amazon/eBay - they run about $30 and don’t have this ‘feature’, or alternatively, just put a physical switch for you car’s ‘on’ key position on your dash.

If you did this, it’d be remote start (triggers the bypass module), flick switch (holds ignition on), put in gear (car stays running, enabled by switch), when you’re done driving, turn off switch (car turns off since both remote start and switch are off)

And that way you get the safety of not being able to start with the switch (doesn’t trigger the bypass, doesn’t connect to start wires)

I tested it today and yes, I can hit the lock on the FOB from inside the car and have it lock the doors.

From my understanding of how it works, the fob would have to stay powered the whole time the car is running to keep the car running.



Nice to see it working :wink:

Nice work Turbo, that is cool !
Is that a Turbo2ltr Camaro? Very throaty sounding!

Are we going to see this in the project section when you are finished?

Already added. Using implant with factory keyless open and start

Haha, no it’s the 6.2L V8 SS 1LE. The Turbo2ltr is from back in the 90s when I have an Eclipse GSX.

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That’s awesome! Great job. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

  1. Possible and a fun project but a bit complicated.

  2. very easy.

  3. I dont think it would work