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Hi Guys,

I have just landed into the world of implantable RFID’s and am keen to get one placed in my hand.
I am just after some newbie advice and point my into the right direction of applications that can write to the RFID and which you would consider the best to use. Looking to go down the path of using it to unlock my computers and mostly handle authentication. (Start my race car, maybe unlock the house, cardless cash (that one is a little more difficult in Australia lol))

Unfortunately, due to work I have to use an iPhone (although I know some RFID/NFC is iPhone supported now).

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks guys,

Hey, I also have just 2 weeks in this world so “Welcome” noob to noob :grin:.
The more you’ll read, the more you’ll see how vast this thing is…so buckle up buddy…
Thing to start with most common 2 frequencies (Low Frequency 125kHz & High Frequency 13.56MHz). Both can have different types of cards.
Nfc (the frequency you can read with phone - HF/13.56mhz) is Rfid but not all Rfid (example Lf/125kHz) is Nfc… Good to get it at the beginning.
The rest, start reading post on this and other forums, you’ll learn bit by bit…

Ps: I hate iPhone
Pss: you can’t clone a credit card

I switched from my iPhone to Android.
Maybe you can get a cheap Android Phone. My mother has a Huawei P20 lite. It has NFC and works great - I tried it with my implants.

Unlock the computer: xNT, flexNT get the KBR1 Reader from DT - works perfect. I have a Macbook Air and it is “plug and play” You only need to plug the reader in your computer and set the ID from your implant as password. Works perfect.

Door Lock: this is a bit difficult, depends on your country and the types of locks - I think it is easier to look at the homepage from Dangerous Things or Digiwell, they can recommand locks or some people here can post locks.

For the car you will need the xEM and the xEM Kit from the homepage :slight_smile:

If you are not there yet, come to the FB Group RFID Implantees :slight_smile:

The answers you seek and many more are all collected here:

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