Newbie T5577 questions

I just want to make doubly sure that I have correct information before I buy an xEM and get it implanted in my hand. If I get a xSLX and a xEM both implanted in my hand, I could use a Flipper Zero to copy a H10301 125kHZ RFID card to the T5577 in the xEM once it’s healed and stops swelling, and it wouldn’t interfere with each other, right?

Yes all technically correct. If you want to place them near each other allow at least 5mm between to help avoid crashing into each other under the skin.

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Would it be easier though to just get them implanted in separate hands?

if you’re going to do that then I suggest getting a NExT or xMagic instead of just an xEM

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Sure you can get them in separate hands. One of the most common places are L0 and R0. They are perfect for glass implants(x series). Bunch of folks here do have their implants done this way, myself included.
In case you decide to go to separate hands install, there are implants that combine t5577 with some other hf chips in the same glass capsule. NeXT and xMagic. So if you think you will need NTAG216 or Mifare 1k s50 uid changeable you may want to explore these options.
I use my flipper to clone em41xx tags to my implants and it works like a charm. I do not have H10301
edit. @amal beat me to it lol

Yes, but I specifically want NFC-V. A friend or I might buy a xSLX to open and test if it would work for e-amusement before buying one to get it implanted, and if that wouldn’t work then I’d just get a NExT.

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you can’t change the UID/sn of slix and you’d need to be able to change the uid to get round the fact it’s checked and referred by slix systems.

TLDR implant wouldn’t be able to serve as duplicate even if you could get sufficient coupling

The arcade I go to uses phaseII, which lets you have multiple cards on the same account.