Newbie: Trying to understand if NExT is compatible with work entry system

Some updates!

  • Bought an NExT
  • Bought a Proxmark Easy from Piswords (it’ll take forever to arrive in the mail)
  • The person who manages the access control system at work is happy to add my NExT into the system

When I got a peek at the enrollment software, it looks like there were various protocols that the system can accept, I saw HID on the list. So even though the badges they are administering are MIFARE EV1 cards, I am assuming I don’t need to clone one of those, and could use a different protocol instead.

My question is: Assuming the reader really can accept a wider range of protocols… do you think there’s a certain protocol I should learn toward using with my NExT?

I definitely haven’t seen every access control system frontend on the market, but in this case I would wager that the company who installed it uses 1 software to control all the different types of reader hardware they sell, but only activate 1 type of protocol in the software per customer depending on what readers they install in the building.

Most readers that I’ve seen can only support 1 protocol. So for example even though ISO 14443a and ISO 15693 are very similar protocols operating on the same frequency (13.56MHz) very few door swipe readers can be configured to read both. They purposely limit them, even though they often charge more than $100 for a reader and it hypothetically could read anything if the firmware was better. It’s quite a racket.

MIFARE Classics are also a completely different memory structure than the HF chip in the NExT. You’d need like an xM1 for that. You should hope the system runs on HID, because then at least there’s a chance you can clone it onto the LF side

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Ha crap. I’ll do some testing. Thank you!

I did some research. Below is a screenshot from the user manual. Looks like it’s possible to switch different protocols on/off. Verbiage in manual didn’t seem to indicate that they’re disabled unless you pay for the feature… appears to be something you can easily toggle.

When I was able to look at our setup, there was just 1 switch flipped on, I assume it was 14443 Secure MiFare.

Hoping that if we flip more on, I can get NExT to work.

Also-- when I hold the Diagnostic Card up to the reader, LF and HF blink.

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Yes buddy, I think you may be onto a winner

The 14443 UID ( CSN ) SHOULD do that for you

NExT - HF uses 14443A and if it is just looking for the UID ( CSN - Card Serial Number ) This should do it

Go Toggle that button
Good luck, keep us updated


After attempting to make the changes in the access system today, I have mixed news…

Bad news - you cannot have “14443 UID (CSN)” and “14443 Secure MiFare Plus” enabled at the same time. You must choose one or the other, and obviously we need to keep the latter enabled because it’s what everyone else is using.

Good news - that seems to be the only restriction, all the other options can be turned on in conjunction with “14443 Secure MiFare Plus”.

So that being said… what protocol do you think I should try next? The only one that rings a bell to me is “Schlage HID”… but I’m not sure! :slight_smile:

Either HID or AWID are nicely supported on the T5577, pick your poison. I’d probably go HID because it seems to be more widely compatible for if you want to use the same implant for multiple things.


Perfect-- thank you. Attempt #2 will be the HID.

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