Newbie with a question: Protection against cloning


it is not so long ago that I got my first implant, therefore I still have some questions regarding protetion against cloning RFID cards.

I currently stay in Helsinki for half a year where they have RFID cards as longterm tickets for public transport (HSL). I would like have my card cloned to my xSIID implant but I should discuss the details regarding that better with HSL.

My actual question is: If they transfer my card to my implant, they probably will protect it against further cloning and other manipulation (like every commercial RFID card is). But my longterm ticket will expire eventually. Is there a way to remove the ticket information when I dont need them anymore without formatting my implant?

(Sorry for the probably weird english, not a native speaker)

Do you even know if the XSIID is compatible with the chips used by HSL? They might use some other format of chip entirely.

If they’re using chips with protection like that, it’s probably a cryptographic chip, which likely means that the XSIID isn’t compatible.

At a minimum, I don’t believe there’s any real copy protection possible with plain tags like the XSIID, you can protect it from writing, but that would stop it from working as a keycard too, not just block copying

Your English is awesome

I would reccomend you download TagInfo and scan your HSL card.

And let us know what it says in the IC Info page


You might want to change a character or two of your UID

Also, check out this thread, there could be some simalarities with yours

Thank you for all your replys.

It was an interesting threat. So the most important things to check if the HSL card is compatible with XSIID the card type and the capacity?
Or was the capacity just important for the new flex antenna?

If Rosco wanted his actual bus card implanted then I fear it wont be possible to just load the HSL card onto the XSIID.

The IC type is MIFARE DESFire EV1 (MF3ICD21). What information can one get from this?


It’s not.

Here’s the bossmans explanation

Rosco got his converted and didn’t have any luck with his, That’s not to say that you won’t with yours, so if you are still interested, it might be worth sending a transit card for conversion.

I started going down that path also, buts it’s just not something I use alot, so I didn’t pursue it further.

You can read about it here if you want

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Ah, okay. Thats unfortunate. But anyway, thank you for your help!

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