Newbie with two implants

Hello all,

I’m new and i got my first two implants last friday. Done by one of the shops listed in the partners.

About them, The Tattooist in Tilburg - The Netherlands, I can only say that they did a great job inserting both. The shop was very friendly and the staff very comforting, and highly sterile! I can deffo recommend going there if you want to get some implants and a good place nearby (me obviously :D)

So, in my right-hand they’ve placed a NExT, this thing works great,


RFID part i still need to figure out. NFC part is all good.

EDIT: The LF part of the NExT i still need to figure out, the HF part is working fine!

In my left hand they’ve placed a xSIID - Blue which i bought through the shop a few weeks back.

I can read the xSIID fine and store data on it with a standard app. But i’ve never seen the blue LED light up. I’ve hold it next to the proxmark3 whilst in scanning mode both on LF and HF. Tested with the dangerous card as well (that is, if the proxmark3 was giving out both LF and HF fields). I’d recon it should respond when a good HF field is nearby correct?

Or, during the piercing of my left hand a vein was hit, my hand is slightly purple now, whilst i think this could happen and it will heal (no human body is the same). Could it be that the blood blocks the LED light from emiting through the skin or could it be (which i hope not) that this is a defective unit?

Hopefully someone knows something more or can point me in a direction.

Thanks all!

Regards, Paul


Well if you’ve only got them last Friday chances are there is still some bleeding gone on there, and even some minor swelling.


It could be the swelling :slight_smile:
With the KBR1 Reader, I could see the LEDs much better


Just FYI, RFID encompasses both High Frequency AND Low Frequency implants.

We would normally refer to them as
Low Frequency or LF or 125kHz
High Frequency or HF or 13.56MHz if you said NFC we would also know what you meant.
Further reading if you are interested


As the others said above, I also think this is the case.
Give it 1-2 weeks.



One thing to remember is that it is also possible it was implanted led-first, so it is embededd deeper and thus more difficult to see.

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Yes, that happens usually. It takes days for most xSIIDs to be seen.
It’s not uncommon to see them on day 1, then not for some days, then again.
It’s probably blood.

It will likely be faster but yeah, start panicing in 2 weeks.

Funny, my implant’s north side is a bit higher actually. Same for a friend where I installed it. I think that has to do with the install angle, after amals video we probably took the tip of the neefle a bit too far up.

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Thanks Pilgrimsmaster! I know the difference between LF and HF and that they are both RFID technologies. Apologies for writing it down incorrect.

I’ll wait it out a week or two to check! I’ll keep you all posted here! And thanks, love to be part of this gang!

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Jumping in here - is there yet a 100% sure way to say what end of the syringe the LED sits in? I plan on getting a xSIID installed as well, and I’d like to be able to control the placement at least a bit :wink:

Oh, and @cl3tus :

Welcome and greetings from your German neighbourhood!



Awesome, It is just one of those things that tend to snowball, People see it or hear it and start to repeat it, so we like to do damage control early.

Only by removing it from the syringe, unfortunately, At least you have a fantastic installer, so you can get a scalpel install.
You MIGHT be able to eject it to the end of the needle and stop prior to it being ejected and then injected :syringe:

This was Amals reply late last year,

I’m not sure what state this is at currently

This is the thread it came from, There are a few other comments about the LED Orientation that may be informative for you

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Yep, I read that, but like you, I wasn’t sure about its current state… ah well, maybe I just try it out.

Hmmmm, that’s an idea… but I think the syringe is so nice and easy to use, I’d have a slightly hard time convincing my installer to take the chip out, do a scalpel install and fiddle that little thing inside :smile:
But we’ll see… I’m already curious on how we’re going to plan the three implants and two big scarifications I want to get done as soon as possible, without really having any vacation to rest :grimacing:

Thanks, I’ll take a look again - unlike you, I tend to forget things I read some months ago :wink:

Yes the new batch has the LED coming out first.


Yay! Perfect! Thanks for the clarification!


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I saw you were involved in that conversation right up until the question was asked, I wasn’t sure if you had read it after, but I should have known you would have :cry:

Now we can both remember this together :wink:

AND yay for you thats awesome news.
Lucky you did ask (And Amal answered) :wink:

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Yeah i’m a techie myself, so i exactly know what you mean! i’ve edited the first post for clarification.

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Huh. Guess I must have got one of the last ones from the older batch (ordered in October 2020, your post was made in September). On mine the LED came out last. Perfectly happy with my placement though.

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yeah there are different batch dates on the back (the lot sticker) … the newer batch is mixed with inventory from the older batch based on colors… but I’d have to dig up some notes and batch numbers to differentiate the two… right now dealing with a server crash. I got backups but it’s gonna take a couple days.


So, it was dark, turned off the lights, and hold the Keyboard reader next to the implant and i could see a very faint blue LED. So it should be working! My hand is still purple-ish so i pressume if all the blood is gone the LED will glow much brighter?



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