NExT and xSIID install vid

I recently had two implants installed by a piercer at Generation X Tattoo. Healing pretty well. There wasn’t too much blood, and swelling has been limited. The NExT was installed in L3, and the xSIID installed in L0. Will be going back to them for my xG3v1 install in R0 after my left hand is completely healed.

Edit: Also, I read quite a lot of comments saying it would only feel like a bee sting. IT DID NOT!!!
I decided to mute the videos so you wouldn’t have to listen to my heavy breathing and a few choice words lol
I’m wondering if I should get the PMK for my xG3 install since it’s a bigger needle…
Edit 2: Well shoot, saw the PMK was no more. Numbing gel then!

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Was the whole experience good with them? Trying to find an installer less than 2 hours way from me. Might have to reach out and ask if they would do an install on a minor.

Oh also just confirming this is the Generation X in Florida, right? Looking at your old posts it looks as though I may be looking at the wrong one.

It is Generation X in south west Missouri. Sorry :frowning:

Ah okay

Kansas uses temporary drivers licenses on reciept paper before you get your hard copy though, I could make a fake ID if you wanted to fly out and go to that piercer lol

I would just go to the person on the trusted installer list here. Also I don’t have a driver’s license so that wouldn’t work. Also my dad is law enforcement so that wouldn’t fly.

I just love how the temporary drivers licenses are printed with receipt paper that you can easily copy and make fake ID. All the bars out here accept them on both sides if the state line XD
No baroness or anything to scan even.

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