NExT both working and not working with HID readers

So I implanted me NExt about two months ago, got it programmed and have been happy with it. It works great with the LF hid scanners after cloning my work badge. Here’s the issue. I moved to a new building with newer hid scanners, they still work with my original badge, and with T5577 card clones of my badge but they reject my implant.

I’ve gathered that the new scanners are hf and the old scanners are lf with the scanner card that’s included.

I suspect the nfc side of my implant is reading with the new scanner and getting in the way of my Hid programmed side?

Any ideas?

What do you mean by “reject”, Are the readers complaining about the NExT? If the problem is that you can’t get a read, I’d recommend trying to locate the coil with a field detector keychain.

Also, try this:

Have you tried scanning your badge with TagInfo? Most phones are HF only so this could give you an indication if the badge is dual frequency or not.

Also, use the diagnostic card to check what frequencies are enabled on the readers. This should also give you an idea of the duty cycle of the reader.

I had something similar at work. They used LF scanners with a HID card. Worked fine. But at some point, it switched to HF. Same readers, same HID card. I’ve never been able to make it work with the NeXT.

The diagnostic card show it’s now HF, while previously the LF LED was activated.

HID is a mess … they’re so many models of cards and readers. And you can’t mostly tell which one is which, simply based on the info on the card, not by the look of the readers.

My card has “HID iCLASS DL” on it on the left, with a code in the middle and some serial number at the right.

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Is this the kind of reader you’re talking about?

If so, its dual frequency.

I have the same issue and was suspecting the same thing. My ID works for about 85% of the readers at my work. Tested it with the diagnostic card and it’s both HF and LF. Funny thing is that my magic ring works fine but not my NeXt implant. If i’m super patient I can SOMETIMES get it to scan green, but not grant access. Otherwise my implant works perfectly but it would be SUPER nice for it to work on this specific door…

Have you tried swiping across the face of the reader slowly?
As linked above also.
This has worked for me in the past for stubborn readers

Yeah, every once in a while with lots of patience I can get it to beep green but it still won’t open the door. Very odd. I’m wondering if this specific reader is under powered or a different spec for some reason.