NExT chip EV1 Compatibility


I recently got the NExT chip in my hand.
I’m wanting to try and use it with my university’s ID system to open doors and stuff. I was told by the card office here(they were surprising on board with all this) and they mentioned they’re adopting an EV1 system, not sure which EV1 cards exactly. They said it works by reading the code (I’m assuming the UID) off the card and inserting this code into their system. Problem is my chip wouldn’t get picked up by their reader. The UID labeled card that I got with the proxmark kit scanned but they said it showed up blank.

Any ideas on how I would approach this or if what I’m trying to do is even viable?
I’ve thought about getting the flexDF but I’m about to graduate anyway and there wouldn’t really be a point getting it just to use it for a month.

if theyre talking about Ultralight ev1 youll ned to have the implant enrolled

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No worky worky, no surprisey surprisey…

Can you share a TagInfo scan of your card?

If they ar using DESFire EV1 then, this being the same and also an easier to couple Flex, that would be a good option.

FlexDF2 as a strong possibility as a being compatiable.

Either way, it sounds like they are onboard, so thats the hardest battle won right there, The other bonus of the Flex implants, is you can test them on the system before implanting them…

An implant is not just for school, it is for life :wink:

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