NExT Cloning Help

Complete Newbie here so please forgive
Had NExT implanted today
Trying to nail down the protocol to clone my door lock to it, however I may have made a mistake and got the wrong implant.
I have flashed and have the proxmark3 RDV4 working
I can read my key card as follows

Screenshot 2021-03-01 180956

Can I clone/sim this to my implant, if so how or did I shit the bed on this one

Probably not the news you want, but this isn’t the ideal implant to clone this card.

You’d be looking for an xM1 for flexM1/MT to do an exact clone.

If they use just the UID, there’s a chance you can get them to enrol your implant in their system if you find someone nice enough to help out, but you won’t be able to get it to work without admin access to the system and even then it’s a maybe. If they use any data on the card or check card type it’s game over.

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@Compgeek nailed it your options for you.

Just FYI
Don’t be disappointed, the NExT is an awesome implant and MAY work with your locks.
If not, having a NExT AND a Magic Mifare is a great combination.

FlexM1 ( read up on the differences between gen1a and gen2 )

A pity you didn’t know earlier.
An ultimate bundle or lifestyle bundle would have suited you nicely.

Most importantly, congrats on getting your Proxmak up and running.
Not always the easiest thing to do.
So at least that is a win :trophy:

What is the lock make and model out of interest?