NExT Implant and HID Cloning

I’m planning on getting the NeXT implant installed this weekend and wanted to ask some advice.

First of all I would like to clone an HID ISOProx II card to the implant. I’m 99% sure that is possible but if anyone knows differently please let me know.

I also want to make sure that my implant does not get corrupted. I read about all the troubles with the blue cloners and I decided to buy a Proxmark3 clone off Amazon:

My first question is: Can I somehow use the Dangerous Things ProxLF antenna with the knockoff Proxmark3?

Ideally I would like to clone new HID tags to it fairly frequently (once or twice a month on average) so my second question is: Is this possible or is there too high of a risk of failure? I’m not set in stone on doing it frequently but it would be very nice for pentest engagements.

I recently saw Modern Rouge’s video with Deviant Ollam and he acted like clone a badge with the Proxmark was no big deal and he does it quite frequently for pentesting engagements (@DeviantOllam Please forgive me for making assumptions if this is not true)

I am really trying to avoid spending the ridiculous amount of money on a Proxmrk3 RDv4 but if it’s absolutely positively the only way to ensure a good clean clone, I might just w̶a̶s̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ spend the money on the RDv4.

Thanks for all the help,

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If you are looking to clone new IDs to it that often, it really would be worth it for you to get the real proxmark rdv4. If you are looking to do lots of experimentation and to also have a possibility of fixing a broken implant, the proxmark is your device. It sounds like you would definitely get your money’s worth out of it and the good antenna. What reason do you have for changing the UID so much, and what is your goal with RF overall?


Looks like @Jaroot has answered you, as I am part way through replying I might as well finish

No the Dangerous Things ProxLF is not compatiable with the PM3 Easy, So if you can afford to. go for the RDV4 with Dangerous Things ProxLF antenna.

People have had success with the PM3 Easy, but I don’t think they would write as often as a pentester would, But you may just learn the perfect spot to hold it for a clean write.

I have RDV4 and the factory LF antenna wrote fine when held in the correct spot, but the ProxLF antenna makes it just easier.

You could alway start out the EASY :wink: route , and upgrade if you find you need to.

With regards to

You should have no concerns, standby… I will fetch you a good reference from Amals post…

HERE you go

Basically, even if you are a vampire :vampire: or “The Highlander” :crossed_swords: you should still have no worries with your Dangerous Things


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Awesome! Thank you both for the fast replies and useful information!

My Proxmark3 easy was delivered today. Do you think it is safe enough to do my first clone with the Proxmark3 Easy and built-in antenna, then upgrade later when I have the money? Or should I just not risk it and return the easy and wait until I can get the RDv4?

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The safest bet would be to play around with some spare tags rather than accidentally bricking the implant, until you get familiar with the nuances of the proxmark. As far as 3 vs RDv4, looks like Jaroot and Pilgrim got you covered.

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If you already have the easy, go ahead and use it for your first clone, as it should be fine. Just make sure to keep the alignment good, as with any reader. We are just saying for your use case, an RDV4 is the best option and well worth the money.

and @ThexTallxDude is correct, play with some spare tags first to lear your way around the proxmark language. But if you feel comfortable, nothing wrong with jumping right in with the easy for the time being.

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hw tune
(Tune your antenna first)
lf search
(lf = LF or Low Frequency. Find and recognise your NExT ( xEM ))
hf search
(hf = HF or High Frequency. Find and recognise your NExT ( xNT ) but you cant write to xNT)
Get confident, do some reads until you are happy with placement, remember you need good reads before you should try to write, and it takes longer to write than read, so make sure you hold it still

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Okay, great. Thanks. At the moment I’m only going to clone one thing to it (my work badge). I probably wouldn’t start cloning other things until June anyways. So as long as I can do one successful write before dropping the money on the RDv4 I’ll be a happy camper! :slight_smile:

If the whole thing does go south though, is there a decent chance of recovery once I get the RDv4?

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Thanks for the commands! I need to do some heavy learning and experimenting before I go for gold. I’ve done lots of stuff with RFID and NFC but I’ve never used the Proxmark.

Would you recommend using it under Ubuntu/Kali or is the Windows software reliable enough?

Don’t quote me on this and if i’m not making it up??? I’m paraphrasing here
Either @Satur9 or @TomHarkness effectively said, There is no such thing as a fully Bricked implant.
Takes time and skill but they should always be recoverable.

I could be full of :poop:, I will see if I can find the post or reference, as I may have to edit this statement…


If that’s true, that makes me feel much better. I was having nightmares of having to get the implant removed and replaced if I brick it. :grimacing:

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Have a search through the forums for “Bricked” and scroll to the bottom of the threads, there is normally a Happy Ending :wink:

HERE is a good example

a quote from AMAL

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You made my day! :wink:

I’m definitely going to invest in a RDv4 in the future (better safe than sorry), but I’m glad to hear that a mishap doesn’t necessarily mean game over! Do you have any recommendations on learning resources for the Proxmark?

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I put this WIKI together, It is not that great really, because I am not a Proxmark expert like some others on here. Hopefully enough to get you started though

There is a Proxmark Forum, and they really know their stuff.
Just do some reading and searching before posting and asking questions.

ALSO another good thread to read.
I’ll leave it at that, I’m sure you get the idea


Excellent! Thank you for the resources!


How long would you recommend I wait after getting the implant before I try anything with it? The FAQ says the swelling should go down after 24 hours. What do you this would be a good amount of time to wait to get the best reception.

I installed my NeXT at home myself and had little swelling so I was able to read/write stuff the the xNT side about 5mins after installing it.

It really just depends on how your body reacts to the process. As long as you don’t agitate the implant during the healing process, you are pretty much good to go as soon as its in it’s new home :grin:


Alright, great! I’ll wait 24 hours just to be sure. (Unless the swelling still hasn’t gone down)

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I got the implant installed yesterday in Nashville and I just successfully cloned my work badge to it with the Proxmark3 Easy!

What I did to make sure I got a good write was I took a self-adhering bandage and wrapped it around the proxmark and my hand and moved it around until it was in the optimal position Then I tightened it the bandage so the Proxmark wouldn’t move. Once I got consistent reads I wrote to it and it worked perfect!

Thanks for the help everybody! :+1:


Ha, zap strapping the thing to your hand is one way to prevent page tearing

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