NExT implant, how to code and where to get it

Im thinking of getting an NExT implant because i want NGF and RFID, how would i code my, for example, gym membercard or contact info? Also what kind of shop would someone recommend me to visit to get the implant done?

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Great choice, But I would say, depending on what you actually NEED, it might not be what you WANT to get…we can help you decide on what you should get after we get some more info from you.

Gym - Depends on what system your gym uses?
What gym are you with?
Can you use TagInfo and share the results here

You can remove or change the UID
If it doesn’t scan, that is also useful information.
Can you take a d share a photo of the card/fob and reader?

Contact info is very easy using TagWriter or NFC Tools

Ideally one on the partner map

if there are none nearby, what City are you in/Closest to?

Pilgrims would you mind elaborating on the part of „need“?

Also my gym card seems to be RFID since it does not get picket up by my phone in the NFC TagInfo app from NXP.

Not at all.
On two levels.
One you don’t NEED an implant…But want one…
two which is what I meant was, you mentioned what you wanted, but didn’t mention why you wanted it. ie RFID so you may not have NEEDED RFID.

But it now sounds like that is what your Gym may use so, yes, you do “need” RFID.

It could be HF HID…BUT hopefully, it is not.

Just FYI
RFID is actually all encompassing, but it unfortunately gets rolled into meaning Low Frequency (LF)
RFID actually includes LF and HF.
Personally I prefer to call LF ’ LF and HF- HF.
But We all know what you mean when you say RFID.

To further answer your question, it is great if your gym card is LF, but you will probably need a ProxMark3 (or alternative) to write to your NExT.

If you can get more info on your Gym card, we can clarify what you may need.
Alternatively, the gym MAY be able to enroll your implant directly, but this also will depend on a couple of things.

Further reading for you

Awsome thank you!

I am sorry if i sound stupid, i bareley know anything about coding, RFID and NFC

Would it theoretically be possible to ask the staff to add my implant as a card? Also how hard would it be for a complete newbie to all this stuff, to learn how to write stuff on the implant without messing things up? Can i save multiple things? Such as my info, gym membership, wifi password and maybe other memberships as well

Not a problem.

In a short sentence you have asked A LOT.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The learning curve is different for everybody, but, as with most things, if you break it down into bite size pieces, it’s actually pretty easy

These might be a good place to start

Here’s one I did a while ago, some of it is outdated, but still some useful info in there (in my humble opinion)

Thank you so, so much. Im sorry if i asked a bit too much ^^‘
Have a great day :smiley:

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Not at all, we all had to start somewhere, and this Topic can be overwhelming…