NexT implant LF not reading

I got my implant done a month ago and have been playing around with the NFC side with my cell phone. I finally got my Proxmark and the new cylindrical antenna but have been having a lot of issues trying to read the implant before trying to program it. I cant seem to feel it under my skin anymore and went to get an x-ray to make sure nothing weird happened:

judging from my scar it appears to have migrated a little bit but not dangerously too far? Does the antenna look broken or just offset at an angle?

I think i’m using the right commands on the Proxmark (I was able to program the T5577 card that came with it) easily enough, and with a LOT of fiddling I was able to couple (I think) to my implant with the original Proxmark LF antenna. I cannot get coupling at all with the Cylindrical antenna. Heres the commands I am using and the output (with new antenna that is able to read my T5577 card):

[offline] pm3 --> hw connect p com3
Port:: com3 Baud:: 115200
[=] Using UART port com3
[=] Communicating with PM3 over USB-CDC
[usb] pm3 --> hw tune

[=] Measuring antenna characteristics, please wait…

[=] You can cancel this operation by pressing the pm3 button

[+] LF antenna: 27.33 V - 125.00 kHz
[+] LF antenna: 26.77 V - 134.00 kHz
[+] LF optimal: 28.04 V - 127.66 kHz
[+] LF antenna is OK

[!] HF antenna is UNUSABLE

[+] Displaying LF tuning graph. Divisor 89 is 134kHz, 95 is 125kHz.

[usb] pm3 --> lf search
[=] NOTE: some demods output possible binary
[=] if it finds something that looks like a tag
[=] False Positives ARE possible
[=] Checking for known tags…

[-] No known 125/134 kHz tags found!

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looks ok to me

Nope, there are two antennas in there, each tuned for their required frequency.

This is a common issue. Your implant must be perpendicular to the trace paths of the proxmark3 antenna. For example;

Poor coupling is exactly the reason the ProxLF was designed for the proxmark3 rdv4. Check it out at

After some guessing on positioning using the xLed I just went for it. These commands worked if anyone else was as confused as me. I’ll see if it works tomorrow. Thanks Amal. Turns out I can be fairly sloppy with the new antenna and it works great.

lf t55xx wipe
lf pyramid clone 30 600
lf pyramid read

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