NeXT Install: Success!

I installed my very first implant today (NeXT) and it’s already readable on my Galaxy S10+. I did it as a self-install (mostly as a challenge to myself). It was a lot harder to get the needle through my skin than I imagined, but after the needle was fully in I was able to maneuver it underneath my placement marks. I can’t feel or see the chip yet (there’s a tiny bit of swelling) but it’s readable (even under a thick band-aid!) where my placement mark is.

I’m not in a hurry to get anymore but I’ll definitely be getting the Apex Max when it’s released.


Woo Hoo! One more for the Cyborg Army!

Seriously, congrats. No way I could have pulled off a self install. At least not without lidocaine and serious quantities of alchohol, which is a really bad idea.

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I felt the needle piercing my skin but it honestly wasn’t painful. I did use forceps to tent my skin and the forceps caused some numbing around the area which probably lessened the pain. I’m proud of myself for getting it done (and it seems like I did a good job :smile:) but I think I’ll go to a professional next time. I’m installing the Apex in my dominant hand and I don’t trust my coordination with my non dominant hand enough to use a needle with it.


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I know updates aren’t that exciting for the smaller injectable implants but I still wanted to say that everything has healed perfectly!

I could finally start feeling the implant under my skin yesterday so the swelling has gone down and it reads perfectly. I can even get reads from around 5mm off my skin if everything is positioned correctly (so it can even be read through not overly thick phone cases).

I ordered a Proxmark3 Easy to mess with the LF side but that won’t be here for a month. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with both sides of the chip.


What seller did you get your Proxmark from?

I got this one. I found a few posts on here linking to it and saying that that is the one that other members have had luck with.

I’ve heard that it took forever for some people’s orders to come in. The price looks really reasonable, but how long did it take to get it? The only reason that I’m asking is that I’ve been looking at that for a while.

It gave me an estimated delivery date of 09/12/20 (one month). I’ve bought plenty of stuff from China (through eBay and AliExpress) and I’ve gotten stuff in as few as 2 weeks to as late as 2 months. I can say that the stuff I’ve bought from AliExpress has delivered faster than the stuff I bought from eBay (from China).

Good to know, and congrats on embracing your inner machine.

They are as valid as any of the other implants. Keep us in the loop what you are / planning to do.

The big question is what do you WANT to do with it.
DO you have home, work, school RFID access systems, give us some info and we can likely help you with some options. In the mean time, depending on where you live in the world, grab yourself an xAC V2, Think of it as a cheap reliable rfid controlled switch. You don’t need a proxmark for it, you just enroll and start using it, have a look in the projects section, or if you have an idea, just ask and there will be someone here that can likely help you. A good video guide to give you an idea HERE
USA DT ( Sold out of original ) xAC V2

Europe KSEC ( Actually still have some of the originals left ) xAC or xAC V2

RE: The HF side, if you haven’t already, download the TagWriter app and see if one of these suit your needs

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I honestly don’t have any immediate use for the RFID side but I like working with electronics as a hobby and would like to incorporate RFID and the xAC into a future project (I’m kicking myself for not getting the NeXT Deluxe bundle…). I’m also looking into RFID door locks to possibly incorporate into my home.

For now I’ll probably use the HF side to trigger a Tasker task on my phone, but I can see myself using it to share my contact info or business card in the future.

Right now I’m getting a ton of entertainment out of it from just scanning it and having it open the NeXT product page :grin:. I know these thing have a limited (although very high) number of writes, but do reads affect the chips lifespan?

Just a quick FYI

Put it this way, There is nothing to worry about, It will live long after you…
Bear with me, I will find you the official answer from Amal.


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Welcome to the community

Good choice for your first chip

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How long does it typically take for the chip to settle and lock in place?

Other than possibly moving 1-2mm towards my index finger, and maybe rotating ever so slightly, my NeXT seems to already be firmly held in place. I don’t know how to best explain the feeling but when I feel it with my other hand it just feels embedded (although it’s still above muscle and visible when I flex my hand) in my hand.

The encapsulation process can vary widely from person to person.
This is affected by a variety of factors, age, location of install etc.
Yours is in positon 0 and has been in for 11days = Good
Postion 0 can get a lot of movement just from everyday hand stuff = Not good
If you made a splint or tried to limit movement during ~the first week = Good
11 Days is a good period of time to be encapsulated = Good
If you are quite young ie. <25yo = Good
It feel to you to be embedded = Good

From the sounds of it, you should be happy it is not going anywhere, unless you give it a real good whack.
I would still recommend you are mindful of for a little while longer, it is a healing wound after all

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Unfortunately my job requires a lot of of manual labor (although I’ve been trying to take it easy on my implant hand) which is why I was originally worried, but it doesn’t seem like it has caused the implant to move too much. I’m 26, so maybe my age helped out, but I can’t say I’m the healthiest eater/drinker… I do feel like it’s embedded, but I did start taking prenatals just to speed things along (and I bought enough so I can take them when the Apex Max comes out!).

It seems like my body reacted well to the implant which eases my mind a little on getting more implants in the future!

I marked out where I felt the implant and metacarpal today and this is where they sit:


Looks good to me